Back in the Saddle again!

I don’t know if there’s anyone left out there reading this but I really miss beauty blogging and what I get from it personally. Makeup is such a passion for me and documenting that is something I enjoy spending my time on. My biggest problem is that I am a huge procrastinator and a bit of a slacker even when it comes to things I enjoy.

I have to do some “spring” cleaning of my makeup stash so I figured I’d swatch and review as things are on their way out.

I also have some new goodies and some not-so-new goodies I’d like to swatch and review. I feel like some of them have been well documented at this point but I still think it’s worth it considering everyone has different skin tones, tastes and opinions.

My one other obstacle is my camera. I am low on funds and putting some stuff on ebay in hopes of getting a better camera with a good macro mode so I can start doing fotds and more face swatches. I haven’t worn makeup in a long time so I will be a beginner all over again and documeting my practice and growth is something I’d like to do for my own satosfaction.

If it helps/entertains anyone else along the way, then awesome. I hope to talk to you all soon!

Still In Trasition

I am still working on moving. This Sunday I’ll get my funiture and computer which will be nice. Almost all my makeup is packed away but I got a few packages with stuff to swatch  including Shiro, Fyrinnae and Hi-Fi. I also have some lip stuff and foundation to review and swatch. Once I have my computer and set up a spot to take pictures,  I’ll be back to posting and probably more often since I’ll have lots of time on my hands! I want to post regularly, I don’t want to just update haphazardly like I have been.

My last post was hurried and reading it again I really didn’t like the way it sounded. The reasons I’m moving in with mom (temporarily!) is because my bf of five years and I recently split up and I want to go back to school (Paul Mitchell) which I can’t afford to do if I’m renting someplace. Being at my mom’s isn’t bad at all actually. My mom and I are super close and we’ve been getting along great ever since I grew past my teenage years. Before that I made her life hell and she held it against me every minute. I’m so glad that’s long over because I’m lucky to have her and I’m trying hard to make myself useful 😉

I like hearing about the people behind the blogs I read and I hope you do too, otherwise you’re probably bored and not liking me at the moment, lol!  I love that people take their time to visit this blog and I wanted to explain to you what’s going on and why there’s nothing new to read. I appreciate all the people who still stop by and I hope I don’t lose you guys in the meantime. Thank you so so much for reading.

Moving Sucks!

I’m currently in the middle of an unexpected move. I’m being a loser and moving back in my with mom (yeah, go ahead and laugh 😉   while I attend cosmetology school. I have mixed feelings but I’m mostly focusing on the hope I’m feeling for the future. It probably sounds cheesy but it’s true. I don’t have my computer and my whole stash so it may be a little longer until I can post again. I have a few things waiting to be reviewed and I have some stuff coming in the mail to review once things settle down.

Thank you for continuing to check in even though I’ve been crappy at updating. I want to change that.  I will have more time and more to write about  once things get straight, especially about beauty school-YAY!  Anyhow,  I appreciate every single  time someone comes to this blog. Thank you.

Notes on…24/7 Shadow Pencil

UD shadow pencil "Rehab"

I promised a review of the 24/7 shadow pencils after the swatches I posted but I decided that some statements about the pencil I own, “Rehab” would be more concise and appropriate.

  • These don’t blend easily but they blend best immediately after application with a small stiff pencil brush
  • They blend much better without a primer underneath although worn over a primer the wear-time will be extended
  • These kick-ass on oily lids
  • They last at least eight hours on me looking neat and freshly applied without primer
  • They easily  last 10 + hours with primer
  • They do not compare to NYX pencils in that they are not a sticky base, but more like a colored primer
  • They work well alone or with powder shadows
  • They do not hold glitter any better than UD primer potion

L2R- UDSP "Rehab", UD Deluxe shadow "Underground, UDSP "Rehab"

Something I noticed is that they are all very close to existing shadow colors (ex. “Rehab Shadow Pencil” & “Underground Deluxe shadow”, “Morphine Shadow Pencil” & “Asphxia shadow”) so the best way to apply that I found,  is to create the basic shadow shape with the shadow pencil and then use the coordinating shadow around the edges and blended out since the pencils don’t blend well themselves. A great smoky eye would consist of a shadow pencil on the lid and just up to the crease with a close color in UD shadow in the crease and outer v blended out and up. If you want to get fancy, you could then place a lighter color in the inner corners and a complimentary color just on the middle of the lid to add depth. Add liner, highlight and mascara and you have a 5-minute smoky eye!

I now want to own all the colors to help me with quick eye looks and to use as awesome colored primers/bases. These are like shadow pencils infused with UDPP so they are perfection for my oily lids. They create bulletproof eye looks and I see them as my staple during a New Orleans summer.

Urban Decay Shadow Pencils,  $20

Lorac Baked Matte Satin Blush “Plush” Swatch & Review

This purchase was the result of my stalking up and down the aisles in Sephora, hunting for an Apricot colored baked blush that didn’t contain a metric ton of shimmer or glitter…having no idea what an impossible task I had in front of me. I wanted something peachy but not orange, something either matte or satin/natural finish but not with chunks of glitter and it couldn’t be over $30. Ladies, I dare you to go try this for yourself. (but it has to be at my local sephora or it’s not fair, lol!)  I originally wanted to try some blushes from Benefit because I have none but I decided I wanted something more matte. I actually don’t have anything against shimmery blush, it’s just that  Meow and other mineral companies have that covered for much less money! This blush “Plush” by Lorac is from their line of  “Baked Matte Satin Blush”.  “Matte Satin”, huh? It’s not quite an oxymoron, but…it’s definitely not matte however it was the least shimmery baked blush I could get my paws on so I scooped it up and trotted home excited to test it out.

"Plush" (in light from sunlight bulb)

The blush leans more orange than apricot in the pan and as you can see, it isn’t exactly matte.  In the pan I can see the description “Satin” making sense though.  This is not a color I would normally choose- I have found that pinks, mauve, rose and berry colors look best on me because they are closest to my natural blushing color, but then again I’m not always going for natural!  😉

I noticed some difficulty when I first applied this. I had on primer (MUFE HD) and mineral powder foundation (Meow). It seemed to stick to some spots more than others which created a splotchy, streaky application. It seemed to highlight any little bump and uneven-ness in my complexion which is not flattering. It took lots of blending and fussing with it to get it looking decent but once I got it in place and looking OK (OK, not great mind you) it stayed put. There was still color on my face nine hours later although it wasn’t looking freshly applied or anything. It was noticeably there though.

Next,  I tried wearing it over tinted moisturizer( Laura Mercier Oil-Free). The application was a bit better- still spotty looking and I had to blend it almost to the point of  it disappearing to get it to look right. This is where it hit me that it was actually fairly shimmery- when you blend it out it seems more shimmer than matte or satin, as the name implies. Once again it took some fuss to get looking right. I had to add layers and blend more until things looked acceptable. This time I noticed it lasted longer- I took it off after 11 hours and there was still color there but I think I had more of the product on this time. It’s either that, or it liked the tinted moisturizer better than my mineral powder foundation.

"Plush" Swatched on my arm under sunlight bulb

Also, let me just say that this is not my color!  I like sheer apricot on my face but this is actually not sheer and seems more orange than apricot. It’s less orange on my skin than it looks in the pan but still it looked too unnatural and not flattering with my skintone.  I may have yellow undertones but I still have a lot of pink in my skin somehow plus I have redness in my cheeks.

I think this color would work best on someone with neutral, peach or olive undertones and is best on warm or neutral, rather than cool skin.  I eventually got this to look almost nice over primer and liquid foundation but it was far from flawless. If you have  uneven skin texture of any kind in the area you wear blush then I would not recommend the Lorac Baked Matte Satin Blush. Then again, if the color was closer to my skintone I do think that the flaws wouldn’t have been so obviously highlighted.  If you like the looks of them in person, I would advise playing around with them and trying them on if possible.  They might work better with other foundations so please take that into account however I am fairly certain that they do not play with well with other powder formulations. Worn over the liquid foundation (Cover Girl Nature Luxe) the color faded more evenly and looked better this time after 11 hours than it did over the tinted moisturizer.

"Plush" swatch blended out. See the bumps? I couldn't see those before the blush.

The Black Paragraph

This is not a cop-out but honestly, I don’t have much to add here. I don’t really see any way of gothing this up!

I ended up returning this. Between the color not being right for me and the fact it took so much time to get looking decent, I wasn’t feeling the love.

Lorac Baked Matte Satin Blush -“Plush”  is $24  available at Sephora


Here's one more. "Plush" sheered out. See the glitter around the edges?

Looking for Urban Decay Lip Gunk Dupe

I have been on the lookout for a dupe of the shade in the discontinued “Lip Gunks” from Urban Decay called Big Bang.Lip Gunks weren’t the best glosses formula-wise- they were too goopy and heavy, if I remember correctly…but they had unique and fun colors- especially at a time when colors like that were much harder to find.  I wish I still had my tube. It was an opaque fuschia with blue glitter.  The shade of the base color was similar to MAC’s Hot House (released most recently with the Venemous Villains collection)  I actually thought Hot House might be what I was searching for but it’s not opaque enough to be worn alone because it applies unevenly. The blue glitter looked like a sheen from far away  but up close you could see the glitter. It was fun and I loved it.  There was another color I loved called SWF. It was a pale pale pink with glitter and unlike most of those type of pinks, it didn’t look like concealer-lips or settle into my liplines.  I miss Urban Decay being super-edgy! Their new gloss colors are comparable to every other line.  Meh.

Anyways- my point after all this is that I want a dupe, dammit!  I’m reaching out to you awesome people who take the time to read my blog and who love makeup as much as I do. If you know of a possible dupe please point me in that direction. If you know someone who can whip up custom colors, that’d work also. Thank you guys!!

There are very few pics of this shade and this one I found isn’t too helpful because it looks more translucent/jelly- like than it actually is. I think it was more like liquid lipstick than gloss.The “gunk” can be bought on EBay which I’d go do but they’ve been off the market for long enough that I wouldn’t want to use it.

This looks more clear and jelly-like than it was IRL.