Still In Trasition

I am still working on moving. This Sunday I’ll get my funiture and computer which will be nice. Almost all my makeup is packed away but I got a few packages with stuff to swatch  including Shiro, Fyrinnae and Hi-Fi. I also have some lip stuff and foundation to review and swatch. Once I have my computer and set up a spot to take pictures,  I’ll be back to posting and probably more often since I’ll have lots of time on my hands! I want to post regularly, I don’t want to just update haphazardly like I have been.

My last post was hurried and reading it again I really didn’t like the way it sounded. The reasons I’m moving in with mom (temporarily!) is because my bf of five years and I recently split up and I want to go back to school (Paul Mitchell) which I can’t afford to do if I’m renting someplace. Being at my mom’s isn’t bad at all actually. My mom and I are super close and we’ve been getting along great ever since I grew past my teenage years. Before that I made her life hell and she held it against me every minute. I’m so glad that’s long over because I’m lucky to have her and I’m trying hard to make myself useful 😉

I like hearing about the people behind the blogs I read and I hope you do too, otherwise you’re probably bored and not liking me at the moment, lol!  I love that people take their time to visit this blog and I wanted to explain to you what’s going on and why there’s nothing new to read. I appreciate all the people who still stop by and I hope I don’t lose you guys in the meantime. Thank you so so much for reading.

    • MJ
    • June 20th, 2011

    Good luck on your move and going back to school! I know how crazy life can get but everything happens for a reason!

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