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Eek- Long time no Post

I have been absent recently. There’s just been one thing after another popping up, unfortunately. I have recently been trying and playing around with a decent amount of new makeup that I’d like to share about but it’s all too soon for me to have solid opinions on any of it as it was all recently purchased. One of the great things about mineral makeup is the ability to try lots of things for little money thanks to inexpensive samples!

I will be back with something in a couple days, probably not a review but one of the articles I’m working on. Thanks for hanging in there- checking in and whatnot!  I actually have a little bit of never used samples  that were obvious they wouldn’t suit me without me having to swatch them or duplicates of things I own that I was thinking of putting together for a little give-away. I currently have one subscriber, I was thinking that when I get to 5 or 10 depending on how long that takes (obviously if it took a year to get 9 more people I wouldn’t wait that long but if it only took a week to get five that’d be too soon)  I’d like to send the things to a randomly chosen subscriber. So, if you read and you’re interested in having a 1 in 5 (or 1 in 10) chance of winning some new stuff to play with, please subscribe. When I have a more solid idea I’ll write a post about it. Among the stuff are a mini shadow from Fyrinnae, a sample-size Pixie Epoxy from Fyrinnae,  and a couple other mineral sample baggies and a unopened L’oreal lippie or two.


Current Favorite Products and Makeup Lust!

I was just crossing a few things off and adding more things on to my makeup most wanted list. This list could be very,very lengthy but I keep it to only the things I have some need for and may actually purchase.  I’ve noticed when other people make wishlist-type posts their list is so chock-full of the newest and most hyped-up releases that I wonder if it’s all what they may go buy or if the list if just for show?  Maybe they are just more in tune with trends than I am or something. That said, here is my small list of things I truly want. Now, what’s on YOUR list?

1) Too Faced Lip insurance lip primer- I was skeptical about whether a lip primer was really necessary but supposedly it really does prolong wear without drying lips like crazy. It’s supposed to work great with gloss too.

2) Pretty much every pressed eyeshadow from Sugarpill. I want all her pressed colors besides the black because I have multiple black shadows.  My first purchases would be the Burning Heart quad, the blue shade “Afterparty” and the minty green, “Midori.” The colors in that quad are the exact colors that I do not own and have been wanting even before she came out with it.  Want, want want!!

3) TokiDoki Perfetto eyeliner pen, black!

4) Fyrinnae lip lustres in Deceptive innocence, Lollipop-Pop and Bare Shoulders.

5) Some NYX Jumbo Pencils.

And that’s all, folks!  See? I’m not out of control when it comes to shopping. I’m not asking too much. Or maybe I am, considering I’m broke..?  😉

As for the products I own that I am loving to death and using daily-

1) L’oreal lipstick in “Sea Fleur” and “Make me Blush.”  Make me Blush is the perfect my-lips-but-better shade and Sea Fleur is a pretty shimmery purple that is just perfect with my complexion and my purple-y bangs.

2) Fyrinnae Glow Blush in “Spellbound.”  The perfect pink blush which can be applied very lightly with a fan brush for a nice natural look.

3) Boi-ing concealer. This stuff will cover even my horrendously dark under-eye circles.

4) Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara. Really great mascara for such a low price.

5) Urban Decay 24/7 liners. I put them on my waterline and smudge it up a bit with a small stuff brush before lining my top lids with liquid liner.

And last but not least, the one  cosmetic product I use daily without fail is primers. I use UDPP on my lids and Make-Up-For-Ever HD primer on my face. Something that isn’t makeup but that I’ve been depending on is my HerStyler Flat Iron. I got my hair cut a few days ago and the style works best straight. My hair is naturally curly so I needed a really good tool to make it work. I am looking for a good straightening product to use after the shower and before drying to help keep it smooth, if anyone has suggestions I would appreciate them.

I also want to know what you use daily and what is on your wishlist! Please?

A mini-update & the best.lipstick.ever!

I wanted to post some Morgana lipstick swatches but I am having a hard time getting accurate pics of the colors on my lips. I don’t know if it’s the camera or lighting so I plan to swatch them on my arm or hand and then take my time getting proper pics of them being worn. I cannot wait until I post them to tell you how amazing these are! I may have gushed about them before but I am so in love with the formula. It feels a little dry once on so if you suffer from chapping or peeling try this- load up your lips with balm, leave it for a minute and then exfoliate gently with a damp towel. Then apply balm again, let it sink in for a few minutes this time, then blot. Then you are good to go!

They are super-long wearing and fade down to what looks like a stain, but removes easily if you try. They do not leave that dreaded ring around the outside of your lips that looks like badly applied early 90’s liner. I like them matte but once they start to wear off I put a gloss over it rather than touching up and it looks so pretty. I can’t recommend these enough! The one caveat- they only come in offbeat colors. Nothing remotely natural. That’s almost too bad because people who shy away from bright or very dark colors are missing out on an amazing product.

Also, I am not posting as much as I could because I don’t like making all these posts without pictures.I am trying to get my hands on PhotoShop and teach myself some PS skillz . I want to gussy this blog up and make it prettier and more appealing. I’m still on the lookout for a better theme. I may even move my blog to another host if It’s easier to edit the way it looks.

A call for assistance!

Hey, my amazing readers! There aren’t a whole lot of you, I know, but I’m pleased there are even a few!  I am having a little problem though and explaining it is going to make me sound a little daft.

I really need to  know ways to make it easier for YOU to follow this blog if you choose to do so. I’ve tried rustling up the info for myself but I haven’t gotten anywhere yet. I do not understand RSS. How do I make my page available on an RSS feed?I would like to know how to make my blog able to be followed through it’s home page and through sites like Blog Lovin’.I don’t know what I’m talking about enough to know what questions to ask. I was wondering if some of these features are built in with a site other than WordPress? If anyone can tell me how to do any single thing or if someone can give me a rundown of features I should have and point me towards tutorials I would appreciate it so much.

Style Crushes!

Have you ever saw someone who really had such killer style  that you couldn’t help but feel something like jealousy and want to immediately discard everything you own and replace it with things “that girl” wears? Her hair, makeup and OH WOW her clothes, so creative, so well-done! This happened to me most recently with Amy, or Shrinkle- famous among  the online beauty community for creating “Sugarpill” her own amazingly cute & bright makeup line.I caught my thoughts surpassing admiration and entering into borderline jealousy and coveting and had to laugh at myself. Now I know that when I feel that way it’s just because someone has a fierce sense of personal style worthy of  checking out and appreciating and not that my own style is lacking. When I was younger, I didn’t understand this concept even a little.

I was very overweight as a little girl. I suddenly shed the majority of my baby-fat the summer between sixth and seventh grades, just before junior high- an optimal time if ever there was one!  Even though I had shed an impressive amount of pounds and my body was maturing I was the epitome of insecure. I had no idea how to handle people having fun at my expense nor did I know how to handle positive attention. I was of the thought that since I was never going to fit in no matter what I tried or did, I might as well be as different as possible and enjoy dressing for school in the morning. I soaked up grunge “fashion” and ended up looking like a colorblind bag lady. Maybe it was because the styles I emulated weren’t on display to suburban 13-year-old however I got the idea of my perfect style from 90’s alt-rock videos, Rolling Stone & Spin magazines, and the occasional people-watching in Boston. I would just be perfecting my grunge look when Nine Inch Nails was the best band ever in our circle so everything that was brown or plaid now had to be black or shiny. When the local bands playing at halls and such became high-school tributes to 70’s punk bands, I was busy the day after my very first show scrounging up safety pins and bleach to alter my jeans and boots. Luckily those stylistic transitions were pretty easily and smoothly made. As I got a little older, while still being impressionable I remember seeing real goths for the first time. Not just kids with all black on but people who spent a lot of time (and hairspray) on their looks. It was intricate and beautiful and I was hooked. This style WAS me. I had already basically been on the path anyhow. I threw myself entirely into becoming GOTH. I dyed my hair purple (the first time, how fondly I remember!) I braided it in a  hundred colored braids running down my back. I pierced my lip and dressed up. I ended up at the goth club as soon as I turned the magical age of 19 (in Boston it’s a year later for some reason) It reduced me to my incredibly insecure self from junior high. I knew I wasn’t “goth enough” after seeing these people. I  didn’t always dress the part and I liked the music but I also liked metal, punk, and even underground hip-hop- did that make me not goth? It felt like being part of a subculture was more limiting than being in the majority of the population.

Bottom line is that I was constantly comparing myself to other people and not measuring up. I adapted my style to others that I saw  always thinking someone else was more “something.” Whatever that “something” was that I wanted to be. Of course you don’t have to completely adapt yourself to a pre-existing style. You should adapt the style to yourself. Or just take aspects of it and leave the rest! You like blue hair and black nails with flower-print dresses? Go for it. You don’t have to live by anyone else’s rules. I love that subcultural styles exist. I just think that sometimes very young people don’t understand that they should function as a jumping-off point, rather than a strict code of dress. Actually, I’ve met some adults that don’t think that way either! I know personally I’ve come a long way because of experimenting within these styles. I’m kind of a hybrid when it comes to dress, people can’t immediately peg me as anything. When I buy something  to wear it’s simply because it appeals to me. Now I wonder if sometime, some chicky will see my style the way I saw Skrinkle?