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Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in “Candid” Review, Swatches

I had a major “Oohh, sparkly” moment last week browsing in Sephora  when I saw this  gloss called “Candid” from Smashbox.  I remember liking their gloss formula very much but for some reason don’t have a single one in my stash, so I happily threw it in my little cart/box thing (Does anyone ever clean those things?!?, btw?)

The formula turned out to be awesome and exactly what I like in a gloss. Lipgloss, like most makeup is a personal preference sort-of-thing. I prefer smooth and non-sticky. This gloss is on the thinner side but not so thin that it slides around. It’s not at all sticky, it doesn’t have any unpleasant smell or taste (no noticeable taste at all) and it has average lasting time. ( It will transfer onto cups and such but lasted about 2 hours on me and I smoke)

Unfortunately, this will not be the lipgloss love of my life. I guess I like color too much. As pretty as this shade is, it does not show up enough for me. It provides a hint of color and noticeable shimmer, which is a really nice effect but it’s not my cup of tea. If you love natural lip looks and low-maintenance lip colors (this won’t be so noticeable as it fades) you might love this. It’d be perfect over darker lip colors or on it’s own with heavy eye or face makeup. I guess I just don’t love colors this sheer.

The Black Paragraph

If you like bold colors, lots of pigment and statement making makeup, this gloss isn’t for you. If you need something you can swipe on and look nice without needing a mirror or something in the morning, then check it out. If you want to add dimension to a very dark, matte color this would be really nice. I’m imagining it over black or dark matte red or wine. Pretty, no?

How pretty is this color!? "Candid" Lip Enhancing Gloss by Smashbox

3 swipes on my wrist. "Candid" Lip Enhancing Gloss; Smashbox

Bare Lips (in bad shape, I apologize)

Candid Lip Enhancing Gloss; Smashbox

Candid Lip Enhancing Gloss is available at Sephora $18.00

(P.S- I called this gloss by three different incorrect names in this one post. I shouldn’t write when I’m so tired, lol!) (PPS..Photo Formatting is all messed up. Sorry for white space)


Lipgloss Lowdown!

I understand why makeup companies put out palettes with exclusive shades in them- but it really sucks when you fall in love with one of these shades and then run out of it! I recently went looking to find a stand-in for one of these shades, a gloss I had been wearing daily. While buying and trying various things I rediscovered how freakin’ great lip gloss is! Really- it can have as much color as a lipstick but it’s easier to apply. Red lipstick is tough to apply and to wear- it can bleed, feather and smear but a red gloss is foolproof.  If you have lipsticks you never wear because they are too dark, applying a pink or gold gloss over them makes them wearable. Gloss is fun- it only takes a few seconds to swipe on and can be wiped off just as quickly, it can change a whole look, pull it all together.

This is a sample of my growing gloss collection. When I was shopping I wished there was a way to take the guesswork out of the process- so I’m listing the ones I’ve picked up recently at the drugstore and the mall and adding what the texture is like, the amount of shine, the amount of color, how long it wears and whether there is a scent.

L’Oreal HIP Jelly Balm- This was the one that worked as my replacement! It’s thick like a balm, as labeled. The shine is more natural than with most glosses, the color is sheer and as for how long it stays put before wearing off, it’s average. Nearly undetectable scent.

TokiDoki Prisma Lip Gloss-  The Consistency could be described as syrupy- it’s very high shine, the color is very sheer-only a tint actually. Longer than average wear. Very strong fruity scent.

Kat Von D Lightening Sheer lip gloss-   These are hard to categorize. The consistency is light and non-sticky- it feels nice on lips. The name says it’s sheer but the color is noticeable on lips. One of the shades is a shimmery black- worn over a color it just makes the color look darker but not like you have a black gloss on however it’s black enough that it looks a little weird worn alone on lips. I have four shades, all look shimmery on. I love these glosses honestly. They need to be re-applied often if you are drinking anything/eating/ etc though.  They have a pleasant fruity scent.

Laura Gellar Lipgloss- This gloss has the consistency of a liquid lipstick. It’s on the thick side, color is opaque/full coverage, has a little shimmer and shine like a moisturizing lipstick but doesn’t look like a gloss on lips- very flattering and natural, lasts longer than average.

Revlon Mineral Lipglaze-  The consistency was average, the two colors I tried were opaque, medium shine, average to above average length of wear. Not unpleasant fruit scent.

CG Wetslicks-   Medium thick, high shine, average wear-time and the color I picked was too close to my natural color to tell if it was full coverage or not but the color did have some golden shimmer and is really pretty- esp. layered over a dark red or purple lipstick.  (shade 505)  Strong fake fruity/candy scent.

NYC Color Extreme Lip Glider- Med thickness, med opacity, some shimmer, a little below average wear time and a strong fake fruit scent.

If you’re looking for a new gloss to try hopefully one of those may fit the bill. The standout best of the bunch are the HIP jelly balm, Laura Geller and Kat Von D- in my opinion. One that I expected to be great and was let down by is TokiDoki- for nearly $20 I expected to see the color on my lips.   I am not bothered by scent or taste when it comes to glosses but I know some people are so if you’re one of them and you usually don’t like how inexpensive drugstore lipglosses smell avoid CG Wetslicks and NYC Color Extreme Gliders. Also, please consider that your experience with how long glosses wear may differ from mine as I smoke and almost constantly am drinking water and whatnot.

One more thing- I love my primers but I used to think Lip Primer was probably unnecessary. Now that I’m going gaga for gloss I want to get more mileage and I’ve got to say, Too Faced Lip Primer does help prolong the wear of all the glosses I’ve paired it with. It doesn’t dry out my lips and mine chap just thinking about winter. Even though I have the nasty habit of smoking and the healthy habit of drinking a ton of water, my lips don’t call for constant re-applying thanks to this stuff.