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Goth Makeup Tutorials and looks

I have some posts in the works but I wanted to share something in the meantime. I love online makeup tutorials- they are fun to try to re-create or use as a jumping  off point or inspiration. I’m going to share some of my favorites and I think I’d like to make this a regular thing.  They are both single tutorials and links to YouTube channels. I’m posting  the channels when there’s enough tutorials that fit into one category and I can’t choose a favorite.

morgueabsolue @

All of these looks are perfect inspiration for goth makeup ideas as well as for anyone who likes bold, dramatic makeup looks! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. If you find one you like and you don’t have the makeup or tools used in the video & want suggestions for alternatives then feel free to ask me, I may be able to help. Remember, if you can’t recreate them for whatever reason you can still learn a lot about placement, blending, color combination and so on. I’ve learned a lot from watching Makeup vids- My eye makeup always used to look the same even with different colors because I’d put shadows in the same place and make the same shape. I learned some new tricks from these types of vids and now I like my makeup much better. It’s always different because I’m trying new things!

*Try shadows from Sugarpill, Bloody Mary, Manic Panic for the bright matte color.

I’d love to hear what you think of the idea of  tutorial link posts that follow a theme. I want to do a volume 2 of these and then some other themes, like daytime looks, short hair styles, etc.   I have a backlog of things to review and my biggest problem right now is getting good pictures with the crappy light lately. I got some good advice on daylight bulbs from a blogger that i really admire so I’m picking one out and I think that’ll help a lot with winter swatch sessions- Yay!!


Because Every Day Is Halloween…

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up, I love that everyone else does it too and it’s an excuse to go really crazy with your makeup!  When I was a teenager ( I was 16 ten years ago if you’re curious)  we didn’t have such easy access to makeup that was edgy or suitable for getting creative. Every Halloween there would be displays of black lipstick and nail polish, along with fun false lashes and other “crazy” stuff. My friends and I always stocked up even though the makeup was kind of cruddy quality. I remember discovering Urban Decay and their out-there lipsticks and eyeshadow colors. It was a little pricey for my teenage self but I bought their Oil Slick eyeshadow and wore it faithfully. It was so unique at the time but it’s funny because it seems like every makeup line has at least one black  with silver glitter eyeshadow now. You can get glittery eyeshadow at the drugstore and black or near-black lipstick is sold by even high-end brands. Between Sephora, MAC and all the great indie brands you can get any color your creative little heart desires- it’s glorious!

Even with all that considered, Halloween is still a great time to pick up some fun makeup. You can still score cheap and fun false lashes at the drugstore (which I do!) and now Make Up For Ever and Sephora are offering makeup sets to compliment your costume but if you’re daring you could wear them anytime. This one little set caught my eye and I thought I’d share-

It comes with the  Long Lasting Liquid Liner in Black, Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Black, Silver Glitter Spray, Colorful Eyeshadow Duo 06 and False Lashes. $26.

My advice for Halloween is- Go crazy. Go darker, bigger, brighter, be completely and utterly outrageous because it’s one day that you can look however you want without the risk of people yelling ” There’s X days till Halloween, Ya freak!” As you stroll down the street. I’m not saying that used to happen to me back where I’m from or anything…..all the time… those assholes!   :0  Haha, ahh well  It all worked out because now I live in a place where I’m far from the most daringly dressed person anymore.

Have fun with it and if you have a minute, pretty please tell me what you are dressing up as or what you plan to do with your hair or makeup! If you really love me send me a picture or send me links to your Halloween pics afterwords!  Yay!

Shopping Venemous Villains, Swatches, Thoughts

I had the opportunity to attend a launch party at MAC for the Venemous Villains collection. This is the collection inspired by Disney Villains and grouped in four mini-collections for each character.  The Villains they chose are Cruella De Vil, Dr. Facilier, The Evil Queen and Maleficent. I love the idea of this collection because it’s fun, it’s a little different and I think it’s well suited to anyone who loves a good dose of drama and darkness!

Now, I have a confession to make. I am actually pretty  new to all things MAC. I used to think they were too expensive but I’ve done a lot of experimenting with makeup and I have come to believe that you get what you pay for and I’d rather go for quality over quantity in building my makeup collection. Plus, they aren’t nearly as expensive as many other popular makeup companies. Their lipsticks average only $5 more than Drugstore lipsticks! Would you rather pay $9 for a lipstick that you can’t even open to look at, that may have a funky scent/taste  or that doesn’t last long on your lips or pay $14.50 for guaranteed quality, something you can swatch and try on in-store and that you know will be worth it?    /endrant.

I spent some time looking over swatches of this collection on Temptalia and Spektra and had pretty much made up my mind on my most-wanted items which turned out to be a good thing because the night of the event the place was mobbed and I wasn’t able to get my paws on the actual pieces. The MAC at Lakeside mall is a very small place- probably the size of our living room! Even though it was invite-only it was too crowded. They had a small area just outside the door roped off with people posing for pictures in front of giant cutouts of the characters and trying on costume pieces after having their makeup done. Inside they were circulating cupcakes, finger foods and champagne. My boyfriend ( who was dragged along last-minute b/c my friend had to work)  informed me the cupcakes were extremely yummy. They handed you a list at the door with the collection on it and you could mark down which items you wanted and hand it to the sales gals. I ended up doing that quite shortly after getting there, paying for my stuff and heading out as small, crowded spots are not something I enjoy!  I picked up Hot House lipglass ( which I’ve wanted for awhile!) French Quarter greasepaint stick and Vainglorious Eyeshadow. Thanks to the online swatches I knew what I was getting but unfortunately I ended up with one little disppointment anyhow. Vainglorious e/s looks amazing in the pot but loses it’s color and finish when swatched.

This is the swatch to show you Vainglorious. They are left to right- Hot House, French Quarter Greasepaint stick and Vainglorious Eye Shadow, all outside in sunlight just to show the color best but not the finish. Vainglorious came out looking terrible in these swatches and more brown than burgundy however it doesn’t look as nice when swatched as it does in the pan. It’s looks quite different to me and not nearly as pretty as I thought it would be :/

LtoR- Hot House Lipglass, French Quarter Greasepaint Stick &Vainglorious Eyeshadow.Now, this shows how gorgeous Hot House and French Quarter really look! Aren’t they amazing?  I have never used either product in any color before so I was curious and now impressed. The lipglass is sparkly, it’s a nice color that offers the coverage of a lipstick  but can be put on lightly for a flattering, Shimmery Raspberry color. It really sticks to lips so I think it would stay on for awhile. The Greasepaint stick would work as a liner, a smoky eye, a cut crease or a base for other shadows. Vainglorious will be good for a smoky eye too, I think. I plan to try it over primer and hope that helps. Even though it’s a little disappointing it’s still unlike any shadow I own so I will find a use for it.

The collection will be available at MAC starting Thursday, Sept. 30th.  I recommend checking it out. If you do, please  tell me what you got or what caught your eye!

Fall’s Most Goth-Friendly Beauty Trends

I don’t think I looked forward to fall quite as much before I moved to Louisiana. Instead of it meaning that snow will be falling eventually, it now means that I when I put effort into my appearance that it isn’t all for naught. No matter the amount of priming and prepping I undertake, August in New Orleans will make me sweat it all off! It gets to the point where it’s just NOT worth fussing with. So, I’ve been spending more time than is probably healthy daydreaming of what makeup looks I will play with once the weather makes it possible. Luckily, fall trends are  kind to us black-clad citizens, much kinder than summer. I personally start to lose hope after wading through a whole season’s worth of bronzers and pastels and just when I’m ready to give up, here come vampy lip colors and dark nail varnishes and I feel like it’s a breath of fresh, stylish air has come to me! Luckily, there’s lots of things to get excited about in the beauty-sphere this season.

Not that the red lip has ever gone out of style but this fall it’s truly everywhere. There are some really amazing new spins on it though!  Check out Kat Von D’s Painted love lipstick inAdora a sexy metallic shade of red.  If you’ve never rocked red or you tried it out but think it looked weird, try these tips; If you are super pale, or blond, or you know that your complexion is cool-toned, try a blue-based red. If you know you look washed-out easily, try a warmer red and avoid brown undertone.  If you have deep brown hair, try more of a tangerine hue. If you’re a redhead or think it’s all too much for you, try a red gloss. If you’re still feeling shy, try a sheer tinted balm such as HIP’s jelly balm.

Purple!  The latest Sephora catalog came with a gorgeous cover-model wearing loads of it. Purple shadow, liner, mascara, blush and the most striking deep purple metallic lipcolor.  Not many people can pull of such an abundance of  the same color though, even when it’s as divine as purple is! I suggest trying a purple lipstick, especially if you’re brunette. If you have small lips or dark colors don’t look good on them try a metallic or dark purple liner on your upper lids. Dark Purple toned blushes look best on darker skin unless they are light and shimmery, then it’s flattering across the board. Try a smoky eye in shades of purple for something that’s simply pretty. One of the most striking purple eye looks I’ve seen was in a mainstream fashion mag. The model had on a grayish-lavender shimmery shadow with a little dark purple in the creases and gray liner. She had blue eyes and pale skin and it all just looked so ethereal.

Rocker-chic  inspired makeup palettes, nail polishes, etc. are popping up all over the place. This can only be good for those of us who tend towards rocking out 365/yr, right?  Urban Decay is coming out with the “Black Palette” , six blackened shades for your glam-ness. Sinful Colors nail polish (available at Walgreens) has come out with a collection of black-based shades that make your usual black polish look positively boring. Sephora also has a rocker themed collection of nail polishes currently.

I’ve noticed all kinds of  interesting  eye liners popping up as well. Mac’s new Superslick liquid liners look amazing! I have yet to get my paws on any but swatches abound on the nettubes. Make Up For Ever released a new set of their aqua eyes liners in metallic shades. Urban Decay’s cult 24/7 liner pencils are now available in a set that retails for $39 and includes a full-size Zero (black) liner that costs almost half that price on it’s own. One trick i like to use with the 24/7 liners is when I’m real short on time I will use a little black on my upper lash line and then smudge one of these in a fun color on my lower lash line-fast and foolproof way to get a pop of color!

The most important reason yet to wish for fall, beyond mere colors of makeup or the insanely high temperature in NOLA, I know is… Heeled, high, sexy, BOOTS! What I am lusting after in particular is a non-hooker-ish, supple over the knee-version. I can’t find the image I have in my mind that I saw some-freakin-place but it’s of a pair with a low heel that are slouchy and flair up, ending just above the knee. I will find them.  😉

Deliciously Dark Makeup To Be Excited About!

I see that a lot of people reach my blog through search terms like “Goth Cosmetics.”  For all you gothic-ly inclined there are definitely some things to get excited about in the realm of makeup.  Between a killer sale, a new darkly delicious makeup collection and some tweaking of fall makeup trends, there’s lots to make our black hearts get all a-flutter!

First off, thank you to Muse for posting about this wonderful steal! All the Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes except the newest one, “Adora”,  are on sale. They were well worth the original price tag (IMO) of $36 but they are now $24.  If you don’t know of the KatVonD palettes, then this is a great way to get introduced! If you notice makeup then you’ve probably noticed how she is always rocking some seriously fierce eye makeup. The palettes can easily let you replicate her type of eye makeup but they are pretty versatile with lighter & brighter colors amongst all the dark and mysterious shades. The shadows are smooth and apply easily, they are super pigmented & true to color and because so many of the shades are dark and meant for smoky looks they are perfect for goth makeup looks.  Use the code V436CB upon checking out to increase the discount and bring the price down even further to $21.60. These palettes are available exclusively at Sephora.

The  limited edition collection being released September 30th from M.A.C is based on various villains from Disney tales. Is your dark little heart going pitter-patter yet?  The collection is broken up into mini-collections consisting of eye, lip, and face colors inspired by that particular character. The characters featured are Cruella De Vil, the Evil Queen from Snow White, Maleficent, and Dr. Facilier. I’ve been foaming at the mouth for this collection to come out. There are already pictures and swatches of the collection available online on sites such as Temptalia < and I can’t wait to get my greedy little paws on it! I may have something special to share concerning this collection but I won’t know until the week before it’s out.

There’s a lot of interesting looking releases and some fall makeup trends that I want to talk about but that’s for the other half of this post -coming soon!

Meow Cosmetics Mineral Foundation- A Review

I’m working on a post that’s kind of a general catch-all of info about mineral makeup and indie companies but for now I’d like to do a little review of Meow Cosmetics Foundation.

I had seen the name Meow popping up in lots of beauty blogs and I decided to check them out. Picking things out to try from the site was almost overwhelming because there are so many choices. They have over 80 shades of foundation!  The foundation is divided up into three finishes- Purrfect puss is the sheerest coverage, Pampered puss is medium coverage and Flawless Feline is the heaviest. Then there are Different colors based on undertones- for example Chausie is a cool-toned pinkish, and Siamese is neutral. Then within the undertones there are levels of color, from nearly pure white to the darkest african-american.  It sounds more complicated than it is but that is what makes it possible to find a foundation that’s truly a perfect match which is difficult with even high-end store brands. An example of how this would work if you are very fair, Asian and want the heaviest coverage to conceal acne or whatever- Flawless Feline in 1-Sleek -Manx. If you look at the site it’s much easier to understand. I ordered 4 different undertone colors in the medium and heaviest coverages as well as undereye concealers in the yellowest undertones (to best cover my dark circles) as well as some blushes.  I placed my order on June 9th and it shipped on the 22nd.

I don’t have swatches of the foundations because getting an accurate picture was impossible- they just blended right in to my arm plus they looked sparkly. I was worried when I was attempting to swatch and I noticed the sparkles. It looked like a bit of extremely fine glitter in the foundation on my arm but this did not show up on my face no matter what light I was in or how hard I looked. Weird! The website says that to apply you just brush on like any powder- that you don’t need to “buff” like with Bare Escentuals. The reason you have to buff BE is because it looks shiny otherwise. I did kind of buff it in just to blend but it really doesn’t need it much.  I was impressed by how natural it looks and how shortly after you apply it seems to melt into the skin. It’s almost like a powder-to-cream if such a thing existed.

This is the nicest most natural foundation I’ve found so far! The medium coverage wasn’t enough for me on it’s own-It worked better for me with concealer underneath. Keep in mind though that I want industrial-strength coverage because of the redness on my cheeks, nose and chin plus acne and acne scars. The medium coverage (Pampered Puss) can be built up- I actually tried to see how much I would have to use to make it look “powdery” or cakey and I gave up before it started to look bad, lol. Pretty impressive. The heaviest coverage (Flawless feline) is perfect for me because I can get everything nice and evened out and great-looking in a few quick swipes. As far as wear-time goes ,I’ve used it with and without primer. With primer I noticed it lasted and looked better but lately I’ve been going without and I only need 2 or 3  minor touchups between morning and bedtime.  I slept with it on once and it was still mostly there when I woke up. It doesn’t do anything in the way of preventing oily-ness but they do offer an oil-control product  which I just ordered a sample of. It’s not bad on oily skin or anything, it just doesn’t prevent oil nor does it claim to.

This is the first foundation I’ve found that the lightest shade is TOO LIGHT for me! I was shocked! The lightest color is zero and I ordered mostly zeros so most of what I got wasn’t quite right for my face but this would be great for the gothlings who are looking for a quality pale foundation! The concealers that I ordered are great too-I have some serious under-eye darkness and the Manx undereye concealer is awesome. It not only covers my circles better than my beloved Benefit Lemon-aid but I’ve been lightly dabbing it on my red spots before foundation and it covers those as well!

Besides foundation & concealer they have various color-correctors, finishing powders, eyeshadows,blushes, etc. I picked some blush samples from the different collections they have and the ones I picked were-Masterpiece-The Scream,Firefly blush-illuminate, 2 Taboos- Exposure and Exhibitionist (listed in the order they appear in the pic above) The last color in that pic is an eye color- Vandaleyes collection- Resisting Arrest. So far with the blush I’ve only tried “The Scream” but I loved it! It’s like a shimmery pale pinky-lilac that looked amazing with dark eye makeup. I had lots of eyeliner going on, lots of black and this off-set it, it just looked right. It seemed pretty sheer but buildable. These might get their own post with swatches if I can get them right.

Bottom line is that their foundation rocks. Check out their website for yourself and don’t get overwhelmed! Email them a pic and ask about finding a match for you or check out the mineral makeup forums or some beauty blogs to get an idea what to order. The foundation samples are a dollar each so go crazy! I have another order on the way so I can find my purrfect match and get a full-size so I can be confident that my skin always looks fab! If  you have very pale skin like me I can tell you exactly what I ordered (it’s more than in the pic) and what the colors were like in person.

The Best Goth-friendly cosmetics Part Deux- Indie Companies (& cyber,loli,punk etc)

There are a lot of indie makeup companies out there nowadays. Because of sites such as TKB trading, pretty much anybody can whip up their own products and set up an “online company.”  Most of the indie companies flooding the net are selling mineral-based products. This is usually for one of two reasons and the first is the one you have to watch out for; someone is looking to make a quick profit buying straight mica from a wholesaler, putting it in their own packaging and selling it as an original product at a much higher cost. The other reason is usually something along the lines of someone who is a makeup lover themselves and they want to provide all natural, safe and original makeup.  These companies provide makeup that is often vegan and free of all sorts of ingredients we are better off not putting on our skin. Many offer inexpensive samples which I think is awesome and makes me much more confident ordering makeup off the internet in general, no matter the company.

It’s good to do a little homework before purchasing from an indie internet company’s site. There are other sites that go into this much more in-depth and explain things much more clearly than I can, many of which are in my blogroll (and two mentioned at the end of this article)  Here I would like to list indie companies I trust that make awesome goth-friendly makeup.

On to the pretties!

Morgana Minerals~Best.Lipstick.Ever! It is a vegan formula and it is so vibrant and long-lasting. Her color selection leans towards dark and daring with black, silver, blues, dark purples, etc. She offers some more wearable shades but I wish she had even more of the tamer colors because with a formula this nice I want one in EVERY color! I just ordered a full-size of her amazing foundation in pale C. It looks ghostly on the site but is actually perfect for us paler-than-the-palest-drugstore-shade gals.  Even better, it doesn’t melt or sweat off in the summer heat! She has a nice variety of eye shadows and glitters, as well as brushes.  She also offers Manic Panic and Jerome Russel hair dyes at lower prices than most stores.

Fyrinnae– They offer an extremely wide array of loose eyeshadows and many can also be used anywhere else you are inclined to decorate. The quality and innovation of their product line has me smitten! Pixie Epoxy is something all sparkle-fiends must have in their arsenal as it is worn over primer to help glitter and glitter-packed shadows adhere to skin and look super vibrant.  Also, their lip lustres (liquid lipcolors )come in lots of fun funky shades and enough wearable everyday shades to cover any occasion. They go on with a wand like a gloss but  dry down and end up fading to a stain. Their loose blush, highlighter and bronzers are worth trying.  All their products are vegan.

High Voltage– Rock N’ Roll themed Mineral Makeup line. Some of the most wearable eye shades I’ve tried. They offer a wide range of matte shadows as well as shimmery and dramatic colors. Samples are just $1.  All the shadows are vegan. They also offer lip stuff in lots of fun colors and wonderful formulations.

Sugarpill-This company is quite different from the others on this list but equally amazing. It is not advertised as mineral-based, they only offer a limited selection of eye makeup, both loose and pressed. Their colors are also different in that they are basically primary colors for your peepers. The red isn’t a dark pink, it’s stoplight red. Same with the pressed yellow & orange, two other colors that are always diluted to be mass-marketable.The pressed colors are pigment rich and not for the faint of heart! Until Sugarpill, if you wanted colors this bold you had to compromise on quality by buying from the type of line offered at Hot Topic.  The loose colors are truly beautiful and some may find them more wearable than their pressed sisters. The quality of the product and the fab packaging score points too!

Evil Shades– A goth-centric Mineral Makeup company. 15 eye samples are available for $10, which is less than one eyeshadow from a department store and possibly more in line with your style! Blushes, glosses and lipsticks are also available. They have unique lipstick shades but their uniquely hued glosses have found their way into my regular makeup rotation, especially “Deadly.” It’s a gorgeous deep plum that makes my lips look dark and luscious.

These are just a sampling of companies out there that are considered small businesses and make original and goth-friendly products. If you want to know more about repackaging or companies you can trust please  check out   Fresco Phyrra’s blog and  Le Gothique

Happy hunting for pretty things that suit your dark desires!