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Article-Staying true to your Alternative Style- Pt. 2

Maybe you have decided that dressing up and decorating yourself on your off-time isn’t enough. Maybe you think that a job should accept not just your work ethic, but your personal style as well and wish they would realize that how you look doesn’t have to affect how you perform. Or maybe you are so devoted to the modifications you have made to your body that you simply cannot alter that for anything. I totally understand. I wish employers and more importantly the public that the employers worry about could be more accepting. Unfortunately, plenty of workplaces are not okay with body art and un-natural hair colors and styles.  I am trying my best to compile a list of places and ideas of the kinds of places that will accept alternative styles.

I’m going to skip over the obvious like owning a business, tattoo parlors, etc. Pretty much anyplace you can work without coming face-to face with customers is usually accepting of your personal style. Warehouses, call-centers, restaurant kitchens, etc. Places that pander to alternative styles will work- House of Blues and other concert venues, stores that sell rock band T-shirts & gear, Hot Topic…& speaking of Hot Topic many mall stores are flexible with their employees choice of hair and body mods. Spencer’s gifts, Claire’s accessories, Forever 21, and H&M.  are just a few. Borders Books is down with the tatts & such, so checking out other Book Stores policies seems logical.Many bars are fine with their bartenders looking how they want as long as it brings customers in and not the opposite.

Working as a Make-up artist, Cosmetologist, etc. gives you free reign. Likewise being a cosmetology teacher or working in a beauty school in any position, I think. Also working in a Beauty Supply store or makeup and hair oriented shop. Sally’s Beauty & Sephora are known to be ok with their employees looking how they want. With Sephora you’d have to really pay attention to your makeup and looks, obviously. They want people selling their products that have interest in them like in  most retail environments. Salons are usually flexible, but don’t apply at a salon that caters to older clients or is in a very suburban area. Also, chain discount salons are probably a no-go.

Working with computers, as a technician, in software development or as a graphic designer usually works. Obviously being in any artistic profession is great if you’re worried about someone trying to cramp your style literally. I was surprised to find that Dell and Sony are openly open about being body mod friendly though.

Strip clubs and adult stores are pretty open-minded! I know this from experience, people. lol.Dave & Busters & Little Ceasar’s are ok with Alt-Styles. Unfortunately many chain-restaurants are not, such as Burger King & McDonalds, Pizza Hut & Papa Johns.

A lot of Vintage stores are cool, like Buffalo Exchange. Most independent thrift stores that cater to a young and stylish market will be ok with how you want to roll. Likewise a Theatre shop or working as or for a seamstress. Most tobacco shops are pretty open-minded too.

Most of this is common sense. Places I have mentioned by name I either know from experience or have word from friends that they are accepting. There are places you’d never think would be cool that are (Target, USPS) and places you would think wouldn’t mind but do (Burger King, Blockbuster) I just wanted to write this to hopefully give you some ideas and get your own thoughts flowing on the topic. If you have anything to add please do!

Here is a list of companies that are supposed to be O.K with Body Mods and the like-

Also this MySpace page is to list places that are not O.K with that sort of thing –

I hope that any of this may be of help in some way!