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Review- A FAIL on my “Perfect Black Liner Quest”

Ah, Sephora. I love this store. They sell so many of my fave brands. Unfortunately the Sephora-brand product line?…. Not my favorite stuff.

I am on a constant quest to find the perfect black eyeliner(s). I already found my perfect pencil- Urban Decay’s 24/7 Zero. I haven’t found the perfect liquid liner pen yet though.  My most recent eyeliner purchase was this Sephora liner,“Sephora Collection doe-eyed felt liner pen.” I went there to try/buy the TokiDoki Perfetto liner but they were all out and I needed something right away.  I went about swatching various liners that had good reviews on the net. I landed on this one which I hadn’t seen reviews of but it looked so nice on my wrist!  It was very dark black & easy to apply a thick to a thin line. The tip was stiff but not so stiff that it wouldn’t bend at all. You know when an eyeliner tip is so hard that it creates a streaky uneven line? Not pretty!! I liked the way this liner worked from swatching it better than any of the other, more expensive ones I had tried. I decided it might even be more what I needed than the liner I set out to buy in the first place!

I got it home and really enjoyed using it for about a week.It went on nicely and stayed on. No flaking or smudging! Wonderful!  The next couple days I noticed that it worked when I did one eye but when I got to the second it was kind of dry, like if it was a brush it would need to be dipped back into the tube. I tried shaking it and putting the cap back on for a few minutes before using it again but nothing helped much. The next day, same thing. . The problem didn’t go away and after a couple weeks the intensity of the black faded noticeably. I don’t think it was dried out either.   When I got it, it was sealed. It also was not under the lights in the display because the display was empty so an SA brought it from the back.

Overall, I say this liner is a fail. Not worth it! If you have used this with different results please share your experience.

And…just so this post isn’t all negativity- I’m not as big into lipstick as I am into eye colors but I’ve been trying all kinds of lipstick the past 6 months. I recently found a formula that I am totally, completely smitten with! Morgana Minerals vegan lippies are A-MAY-ZINGG!! I cannot believe what this lipstick can last though. And it feels so nice! Full review to come.  😀