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Window Shopping

I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone a bit, fashion-wise. Almost everything I own is black or mostly black and I’ve been dressing Goth-y for about 10 years. I love dressing how I feel, not worrying about trends or what other people think. I really appreciate being able to do my own thing but it’s time to widen my perspective. Bit by bit I want to introduce some color and try things that i really love but  that aren’t what I would run immediately to in a store, things that everyone wouldn’t point at and say “That’s so her.” I love ruffle and lace and pretty things and that’s what I’ve found myself drawn to most. Here is some things that caught my eye while window shopping!

The pattern on that yellow cardigan above is actually lots of skulls! I absolutely adore that lace duster as well.  Skirts and dresses are so much more comfy to me than any pants or jeans. I know it’s the opposite with lots of people but I am just not comfortable in jeans. Give me a dress and  duster over a jeans and a sweatshirt any day!

Do you have a certain way of dressing that you’ve stuck with for a long time?  Have you ever decided to make a change in the way you dress? Was it a big one or a little one? How did people react?