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Eyebrow Lesson

Just before I ran into some difficulty, I was starting to promote the blog a bit and asked around for some constructive criticism. I got  good feedback including one person who said basically that the blog was a too complicated. When I started the blog I knew I had to make a choice- whether I was going to write it for the average gal or other beauty bloggers. I wanted to shoot for someplace in-between but I’ve realized I still make things too convoluted. I’ve thought about it and I am going to try to create more simplified posts. I want this to be interesting to beauty beginners as well as the more experienced.  I’m going to work on it. I really appreciate people taking the time to give me feedback and suggestions and I’m listening to you.

Now, onto the fun stuff!

I remember when I used to have major eyebrow envy of one of my guy-friends.  When I asked him how he got them to look so great (dark, defined, very neat) he asked me; Had I never heard of an eyebrow pencil?  Well, I had, I just never thought about using one. I promptly picked up one at Walgreen’s but it was awhile before I got them looking nearly as nice as his!

Eyebrows frame your face. Eyebrows play a big role in facial expressions such as looking surprised, angry or calm and longer eyebrows can give a youthful appearance.  Picture a porcelain doll- their  softly arched eyebrows give off an air of innocence. Now picture almost any female Disney villain- Their severe arches and high-placed brows contribute to their evil visage!

An eyebrow pencil is the simplest way to define your brows.Eyebrow pencils come in different colors to match your natural hair. Many come with a small brow brush on the cap or even a gel to tame the hairs, get them all going in the right direction before  coloring them in. If you are going for natural, use short feathered strokes with pencil to mimic the natural hair growth. If you are doing dark eye makeup, dark brows to match really pull the look together. For more intense  color, try using an eyeliner brush dipped in  powder shadow darker than your natural color (Dark brown for blonde/red and black for brunette)  and try to draw over the brow in long, smooth lines. Don’t go below the natural brow line because having a line under the hair is unflattering, so  follow along the top line of the brow and then gently fill in the rest.

I suggest getting a magnified mirror if you don’t already have one. They can be purchased inexpensively and are great for doing makeup/brows. There are multiple ways to shape and clean up the brow area and most people have their favorite. Tweezing is easy, but should only be done with sharp tweezers and very carefully as it’s easy to mess up and leave spots that look thin. It also needs to be done frequently. Waxing lasts up to six weeks, costs $10 and up and in my opinion isn’t any more painful than tweezing. It’s also great for getting a dramatic change in shape but avoid having it done before going out because it can cause redness on most people and small bumps and irritation on sensitive skin folks.  Eyebrow threading is very effective, the redness should fade more quickly than waxing but results don’t last quite as long , about a month.  Completely shaving brows off to draw them in will need to be re-done every few days to avoid stubble and can also cause redness and irritation on sensitive skin for an hour or two afterwords and it is the most dramatic of all options.

Even if you choose to tweeze, getting your eyebrows waxed or threaded initially makes things much easier because it gives you a guide to follow.If you get them done once and they aren’t exactly how you want, get them done by someone else until they are how you like. When they wax, they remove the hair in between brows, above and below the natural line, before and after it as well as removing excess length plus they can alter the shape by making the arch less or more pointed-it’s difficult to be as thorough outside of a salon.  When the hairs start to grow back  around the neatly shaped areas they are easy to see and pluck to keep up the desired shape.  Waxing and threading tend to look more dramatic than plucking, although you can tell the stylist that you only want your brows “cleaned up” rather than “shaped” if you want a natural appearance. Getting waxed 3-4 times per year and plucking in-between works for me.

If you choose to pluck only then you need to create a guide  yourself. The way to do this is a method using a pencil ( or any straight, thin line)  to determine where the brow should start, arch, and end. Place the pencil vertically beside your nostril and at the innermost corner of your eye. This is where the brow should begin so any hair before the line should be plucked. Next, place the pencil diagonally from the same place at the corner of your nostril and across to the outer half of the iris of your eye- this is where the highest part of your arch should be, this is also where the thinner part of your brow begins.  Now,place the pencil from your nostril to the very outer corner of your eye- this is where the brow ends. Any hairs above or below the arch and beyond the end of the outer eye mark should be removed. Also, if you want to make your eyebrows thinner you can use a colored pencil to mark the desired width, then remove the hair below the line. Pluck the hair above your eyebrows with care- you never want to thin them by removing the hair on top, only below! It is ok to remove stray hairs that are out of place above the natural shape though.

Here is an example-

If you are shaving brows off and drawing them on, this method can also be used to re-draw; make small dots at the three points to avoid mismatching brows! This can be played with to make them higher or lower or make the arch less pointed, etc. Drawing on eyebrows is something you see a lot with goths and cyber styles. It’s really  fun because you can make them any color, even sparkly! You can draw shapes on, swirls whatever and then make them look natural for the workweek. When you first shave them off  use shaving cream meant for facial hair. Look for a formula labeled for sensitive skin. Also be sure to use a  facial hair razor, something with more blades because you want to remove the hair with as few strokes as possible. Never use a dull razor! Try a post-shave moisturizer but not something meant for hands or body or anything scented as it will sting. Now, you can use a brow pencil, an eyeliner or a brush and powder to paint them back on. I prefer a slanted eyeliner brush with powder eyeshadow. There is a pic below of this type of brush. To get the brows even  try marking the beginning, arch and end as suggested above. You don’t have to use the pencil method, you can place them as high, low, far apart, etc. as you choose but just marking the placement before trying to draw them makes matching them far easier.

If you like the idea of drawing your brows on but suck at getting them even or are worried about them looking un-natural or cartoon-like, leave the beginning of the brows intact. Clean them up by plucking, only don’t shave the rounded beginning part of your brows. Shave the rest off.  Use the pencil or brush dipped in shadow to darken up the beginnings of the brow, then draw a continuous line to make up the rest of the brow. Fix any mistakes with a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover. Finally, set your eyebrow art with a product like Benefit’s She-Laq to keep things hardcore smudgeproof. That stuff has kept mine in place through dancing and having play-time with my other half.

Well, this came out crazy-long but I think that’s about it! Have fun with your eyebrows, they grow back  😉


The Best Goth-friendly cosmetics Part Deux- Indie Companies (& cyber,loli,punk etc)

There are a lot of indie makeup companies out there nowadays. Because of sites such as TKB trading, pretty much anybody can whip up their own products and set up an “online company.”  Most of the indie companies flooding the net are selling mineral-based products. This is usually for one of two reasons and the first is the one you have to watch out for; someone is looking to make a quick profit buying straight mica from a wholesaler, putting it in their own packaging and selling it as an original product at a much higher cost. The other reason is usually something along the lines of someone who is a makeup lover themselves and they want to provide all natural, safe and original makeup.  These companies provide makeup that is often vegan and free of all sorts of ingredients we are better off not putting on our skin. Many offer inexpensive samples which I think is awesome and makes me much more confident ordering makeup off the internet in general, no matter the company.

It’s good to do a little homework before purchasing from an indie internet company’s site. There are other sites that go into this much more in-depth and explain things much more clearly than I can, many of which are in my blogroll (and two mentioned at the end of this article)  Here I would like to list indie companies I trust that make awesome goth-friendly makeup.

On to the pretties!

Morgana Minerals~Best.Lipstick.Ever! It is a vegan formula and it is so vibrant and long-lasting. Her color selection leans towards dark and daring with black, silver, blues, dark purples, etc. She offers some more wearable shades but I wish she had even more of the tamer colors because with a formula this nice I want one in EVERY color! I just ordered a full-size of her amazing foundation in pale C. It looks ghostly on the site but is actually perfect for us paler-than-the-palest-drugstore-shade gals.  Even better, it doesn’t melt or sweat off in the summer heat! She has a nice variety of eye shadows and glitters, as well as brushes.  She also offers Manic Panic and Jerome Russel hair dyes at lower prices than most stores.

Fyrinnae– They offer an extremely wide array of loose eyeshadows and many can also be used anywhere else you are inclined to decorate. The quality and innovation of their product line has me smitten! Pixie Epoxy is something all sparkle-fiends must have in their arsenal as it is worn over primer to help glitter and glitter-packed shadows adhere to skin and look super vibrant.  Also, their lip lustres (liquid lipcolors )come in lots of fun funky shades and enough wearable everyday shades to cover any occasion. They go on with a wand like a gloss but  dry down and end up fading to a stain. Their loose blush, highlighter and bronzers are worth trying.  All their products are vegan.

High Voltage– Rock N’ Roll themed Mineral Makeup line. Some of the most wearable eye shades I’ve tried. They offer a wide range of matte shadows as well as shimmery and dramatic colors. Samples are just $1.  All the shadows are vegan. They also offer lip stuff in lots of fun colors and wonderful formulations.

Sugarpill-This company is quite different from the others on this list but equally amazing. It is not advertised as mineral-based, they only offer a limited selection of eye makeup, both loose and pressed. Their colors are also different in that they are basically primary colors for your peepers. The red isn’t a dark pink, it’s stoplight red. Same with the pressed yellow & orange, two other colors that are always diluted to be mass-marketable.The pressed colors are pigment rich and not for the faint of heart! Until Sugarpill, if you wanted colors this bold you had to compromise on quality by buying from the type of line offered at Hot Topic.  The loose colors are truly beautiful and some may find them more wearable than their pressed sisters. The quality of the product and the fab packaging score points too!

Evil Shades– A goth-centric Mineral Makeup company. 15 eye samples are available for $10, which is less than one eyeshadow from a department store and possibly more in line with your style! Blushes, glosses and lipsticks are also available. They have unique lipstick shades but their uniquely hued glosses have found their way into my regular makeup rotation, especially “Deadly.” It’s a gorgeous deep plum that makes my lips look dark and luscious.

These are just a sampling of companies out there that are considered small businesses and make original and goth-friendly products. If you want to know more about repackaging or companies you can trust please  check out   Fresco Phyrra’s blog and  Le Gothique

Happy hunting for pretty things that suit your dark desires!

Article-Staying true to your Alternative Style- Pt. 2

Maybe you have decided that dressing up and decorating yourself on your off-time isn’t enough. Maybe you think that a job should accept not just your work ethic, but your personal style as well and wish they would realize that how you look doesn’t have to affect how you perform. Or maybe you are so devoted to the modifications you have made to your body that you simply cannot alter that for anything. I totally understand. I wish employers and more importantly the public that the employers worry about could be more accepting. Unfortunately, plenty of workplaces are not okay with body art and un-natural hair colors and styles.  I am trying my best to compile a list of places and ideas of the kinds of places that will accept alternative styles.

I’m going to skip over the obvious like owning a business, tattoo parlors, etc. Pretty much anyplace you can work without coming face-to face with customers is usually accepting of your personal style. Warehouses, call-centers, restaurant kitchens, etc. Places that pander to alternative styles will work- House of Blues and other concert venues, stores that sell rock band T-shirts & gear, Hot Topic…& speaking of Hot Topic many mall stores are flexible with their employees choice of hair and body mods. Spencer’s gifts, Claire’s accessories, Forever 21, and H&M.  are just a few. Borders Books is down with the tatts & such, so checking out other Book Stores policies seems logical.Many bars are fine with their bartenders looking how they want as long as it brings customers in and not the opposite.

Working as a Make-up artist, Cosmetologist, etc. gives you free reign. Likewise being a cosmetology teacher or working in a beauty school in any position, I think. Also working in a Beauty Supply store or makeup and hair oriented shop. Sally’s Beauty & Sephora are known to be ok with their employees looking how they want. With Sephora you’d have to really pay attention to your makeup and looks, obviously. They want people selling their products that have interest in them like in  most retail environments. Salons are usually flexible, but don’t apply at a salon that caters to older clients or is in a very suburban area. Also, chain discount salons are probably a no-go.

Working with computers, as a technician, in software development or as a graphic designer usually works. Obviously being in any artistic profession is great if you’re worried about someone trying to cramp your style literally. I was surprised to find that Dell and Sony are openly open about being body mod friendly though.

Strip clubs and adult stores are pretty open-minded! I know this from experience, people. lol.Dave & Busters & Little Ceasar’s are ok with Alt-Styles. Unfortunately many chain-restaurants are not, such as Burger King & McDonalds, Pizza Hut & Papa Johns.

A lot of Vintage stores are cool, like Buffalo Exchange. Most independent thrift stores that cater to a young and stylish market will be ok with how you want to roll. Likewise a Theatre shop or working as or for a seamstress. Most tobacco shops are pretty open-minded too.

Most of this is common sense. Places I have mentioned by name I either know from experience or have word from friends that they are accepting. There are places you’d never think would be cool that are (Target, USPS) and places you would think wouldn’t mind but do (Burger King, Blockbuster) I just wanted to write this to hopefully give you some ideas and get your own thoughts flowing on the topic. If you have anything to add please do!

Here is a list of companies that are supposed to be O.K with Body Mods and the like-

Also this MySpace page is to list places that are not O.K with that sort of thing –

I hope that any of this may be of help in some way!

Goth-friendly cosmetics (&cyber,rockabilly,lolita,deathrock, etc)PT 1

There are so many cosmetic companies out there that either have products that look like they’d be great and after trying it, it’s disappointingly unoriginal. There are plenty of companies who claim their colors are so bright, XXX and you learn after trying them they either aren’t all they cracked up to be or have such shoddy business practices you don’t even want to buy their products. If my links on the sidebar aren’t enough, I’d like to introduce you (or possibly just provide a refresher) on some companies worth supporting that have makeup that is friendly to extreme, unique and subcultural styles. None of these companies test on animals (unless I’ve somehow been mislead, in that case please let me know) Most of the websites and products say right on them that they do not test on animals. Here is a list of companies that do not test on animals as well –

And here’s another link,this one all makeup

Another note on that, most of these brands I know don’t test on animals because it says so on the products I own from those companies. The rest I found out about online.

First off, some major cosmetic companies;

Too Faced- Their powder eye shadows are buttery-smooth and drenched with pigment. True to the color in the pan once on your skin. They make some really nice inexpensive palettes. Their eyelid primer, “Shadow Insurance” often referred to as TFSI on beauty blogs across the web is a must-have to make your shadows appear more vibrant & last longer without creasing or looking messy. Their glitter eyeliners are (In my opinion) some of the best you can buy if you want a very glittery line. Most glitter liners I’ve tried you have to layer like crazy to get a sparkly enough  line but these give you glitter-encrusted lids with 2-3 swipes. The Lash Injection mascara is on many makeup maven’s favorite-product lists. The liquif-eye liner transformer is a must have- it transforms any eyeshadow into a liner with this clear formula and eyeliner brush, I *love* it! You’ll never have to purchase a colored liner again. Of course they have plenty of other products but these are the ones that come to my mind first and we could be here all day if i keep going.

MAC- Self explanatory, right? I was actually never wowed by the way their products looked. I wasn’t interested at all until recently. I understood that everyone and their mommas (and their aunts, best friends, co-workers) were in love with all that is Mac but trips into the mac store had me feeling…meh. I finally picked up one of their pigments because it was a dupe of a too faced color I had been looking for and WHAM- I was a convert. With that one product, I finally saw the light. I am not obsessed yet but I did return soon thereafter for the shadow that was a close match to the pigment. I spent awhile swatching everything I could get my hands on.  I’m impressed by how vibrant their colors are. The loose pigments are all really amazing. They are so multi-dimensional and they aren’t that way by being stuffed with glitter. Everything about their products is high quality. If you can afford it, try replacing so-so brushes with MAC tools. Google mac brush reviews or even makeup tutorials for an idea of which brushes might suit your needs, or of course just go to a mac store.

Make Up For Ever-  Ok, This company consistently blows me away with product quality and their fearlessly bright colors. Do you pine after those cybergoth bright pink (or red, green etc) eyes? You know, the almost neon colors with black liner and super high brows?  This is a line that will help you get the look. They also have red, orange and yellows that aren’t dulled down to be more easily marketable like some other companies.  Their mattes, aqua creams, aqua color waterproof liners, crazy false lashes, star powders, all of it is just amazing! I’m in love with their face primer too, in case you didn’t see my review. (it’s just a few posts down)

Urban Decay- Another line that is probably self-explanatory. I know I’ve been in love with this company since I saw  a full-page ad for their nail polish in the early ’90’s.  A lot of their shadows have glittery and duo-chrome finishes. They have so many beautiful shadow shades I want almost all of them! They shadows are nicely pigmented and apply easily, though with the glittery ones you will probably have some glitter particles fall out onto your cheeks. My solution is just to do my eyes before my face makeup. If glitter isn’t your thing they now have a matte line, and also the deluxe shadows which are more of a satiny sheen, no glitter.I recommend the deluxe shadow palette. Their eye primer has attained holy-grail status, Urban Decay Primer Potion or UDPP as it’s called in the beauty blogs comes in three formulas and is one of the best eye primers available (IMO). I switch between the original and Eden formulas. Eden is yellow tinted and a little thicker than the whitish-clear original. Eden can be worn alone to color-correct your lids and give them a matte finish. They have a variety of liners available and their 24/7 pencils are a product I can’t live without. That is the best black pencil eyeliner I have ever used and I have tried plenty different kinds in the 14 years I’ve been wearing liner. The big fatty mascara is great for volume. Their lipsticks are popular, as are their face products. The De-slick oil control products are supposed to be amazing. Oil is something I struggle with and I look forward to trying those.

Kat Von D- Perfect for goth and rocker looks, Kat Von D’s palettes feature dark smoky colors and tattoo design packaging. The quality of the shadows is wonderful, they are smooth, buildable,  rich in pigment and blend easily. She mixes it up with different finishes featured in each palette so you can find your lid, crease & highlight colors all in one spot. A lot of her shadows work great as liners also. She has been coming out with new products lately including eye primer, concealer that claims to cover tattoos as well as dark circles and lip colors.

If the above products are a little out of your price range don’t fret, there are some drugstore brands that don’t shy away from bright colors and give decent bang for your buck.

Milani- I didn’t know anything about their stuff when I purchased my first shadow compact. It was called Runway eyes and had 6 shades of black fading to gray and silver. I was impressed with the pigmentation and how they retained the color when blended. It is a fantastic palette for smoky eye looks. Their eye quads are something I want one of each of. They feature four colors that can be used alone or together for an quick and easy look that requires no guesswork! Their singles in fun glittery finishes are like a drugstore competitor for Urban Decay.  The eyeliners are the best drugstore liners I have found, both pencil and liquid versions!

Nyx- The Eyeshadow trios come in fun, bright colors but the payoff varies. I’ve noticed the medium to dark colors are true to color whereas yellows, lime green, just lighter colors in general come out looking kind of sheer. I love their purple shadows the most! Their jumbo shadow sticks are a holy grail makeup base rivaling Mac’s paint pots. The colors most often used in internet makeup tutorials are “Black Bean” and “Milk”. I’m looking for someplace local that carries these as we speak !(type?) They offer a full-range of cosmetic products & are even the official makeup of RuPaul’s Drag Race the TV show! Their glitter liners are popular as are their lipsticks.

Rimmel- Sexy Curves Mascara is the best waterproof drugstore mascara I have found. I honestly don’t have any experience with their other products but I know people rave about the bronzer and blushes. It’s very inexpensive so check it out and experiment!

Well, I hope this was helpful. I realize that if you have a beauty blog, practically live at Sephora, have been into makeup for awhile, etc. That this isn’t going to be anything you don’t already know. That’s fine, I want to help people looking for makeup to compliment their alternative style that don’t already know where to look or want something new to try. I didn’t include links because all of these brands can be found  so easily using google or by checking in sephora or on Happy hunting and playing!

Article-Staying True to your (alternative) Style part 1

When I was a teenager, Like all teenagers I swore when I got older I would not be one of those style-less fuddy-duddy people that conform to become part of the evil corporate machine. Even as I reached my early 20’s I had managed to get jobs that were OK with my waist-length purple synth-dreads and snakebite lip piercings. I maintained that I would not take out my piercings or change my hair for a job. If they didn’t want me the way that I was and wanted to be, then they couldn’t have me at all.

Last year at age 26 I finally did the unthinkable. I took out all my facial piercings (by this time I had four) and dyed my hair black. It wasn’t even for a specific job! I had been looking for work unsuccessfully for over a month and everyplace I applied mentioned my appearance. I shook it off and swore I would find something that worked with the way I looked. Reality eventually set in of course and money dwindled to the point that just finding work, any work became the top priority. I felt as though I was losing a little piece of myself. I really liked the way my piercings went with my face. I loved changing my hair monthly, trying the most fun and outlandish styles I could achieve. Most of all, I liked being able to say that I always stayed true to my self and my sense of style. Now I became  that old sellout I swore I’d never be.

Or was I?  I had decided that finding work and supporting myself was more important to me. I didn’t change anything because anyone told me to but because I knew that at the point I was at that I either had to change something to move on, or not change and be stuck in place, broke and unhappy. I wasn’t changing because I was being greedy and wanted more money or to move up- just make any money and move forward at all.

What I would like most of all is to have a profession I can be successful at and also look however I want. That is a goal I have set for myself. That will take some moving through the ranks of work and life and putting in my dues in this case requires me to tone my appearance down while in the workplace. There are professions besides being a tattoo artist where you can dictate how you look and not the other way around. I’ll be writing another article about that soon.

Within any subculture there are visual clues, stylistic representations that alert people to what we are trying to express, possibly even what music we like, what our attitudes may be like and overall what cultural group we align ourselves with. When we have to change our style to fit the requirements of a job, we worry that we will no longer express ourselves correctly though our looks,will no longer be recognizable as part of our chosen subculture to others, especially members of that particular subculture.

There are ways to alter your appearance to help you keep your style whether it’s dressing up to go out to a show or club, or trying to look like yourself in a uniform for work. Clothing is the most obvious way to express yourself. Not only do I like to find clothing that I love to wear but I am starting to make and up-cycle my own creations to express myself even further. Fake hair is our friend. Wigs, extensions,falls and all kinds of crazy additions to those things are a fun way to help dress up. Makeup is a big one. I think part of the reason why I am more interested in makeup now than I ever was is because I rely on it  more heavily to express what my piercings (hair,etc) cannot. Tattoos in non-visible places are another thing that is all yours and will help solidify your sense of style. I have designs on my thighs that show when I wear miniskirts and one on my shoulder blade that shows when I wear tanks but neither are visible in typical work clothing or uniforms. Maybe you can’t get away with waist length purple dreads at work but find out if you can have purple streaks. If not a funky color try highlights of black on auburn, or strawberry blonde on red, something that looks neat in natural colors. Haircuts can go a long way to helping you look the way you want when stuck in a uniform so keep this in mind when going to the hairdresser. A uniform-length bob that stops at chin-length will make you look conservative with no other visual clues as to your style. An asymmetrical bob however will look more edgy. Short and spiky with long pieces in the front will look cute and punky on a girl and sexy and cutting-edge on a guy. Angled cuts (shorter in back, longer in front like a V-cut) always look good too. Some workplaces are ok with retainers (clear plastic pieces) worn at work in place of facial piercings. They are nearly invisible and keep the holes open. This wouldn’t work with large gauges, unfortunately.

As much as we may want to tell our future boss off when they tell us we have to change XXX if we want the job, sometimes it’s just not feasible. Sometimes just making a living becomes our highest priority. I truly hope eventually the children of today (or their grandchildren) live in a world where how you look has no impact on how you choose to make your living.  No one wants to be a sell-out  but not being able to roll with life’s changes is equally undesirable. For now, we must learn to practice balance.

First post!

Hello there!

This is my first post on here. Yes, this is yet another beauty blog and we all know the web is saturated with them.

I remember thinking when I first came across Beauty Blogs I immediately thought “I could do this!” “I WANT to do this!!” But then I read on, found many well-written blogs focusing on beauty that reviewed so many products I began wondering how I could possibly add anything to all this and “Maybe I should leave well enough alone.” So I gave up on the idea and just read my faves everyday and lusted after products as usual, spent any of my spare money at Sephora and Indie Mineral companies.

Recently I made my first ever beauty-related post on facebook, gushing about how an order of makeup arrived and didn’t expect any comments. I didn’t end up with 50 comments or anything, I had just one. My friend was as excited as I was and wanted me to swatch my order for her. She was really psyched and wanted to place an order too because we really do like the same stuff. That made me happy because I introduced her to a good mineral company that is NOT a re-packager, which gets them business, and she was excited to get new makeup and have something new to play with.

That’s when the beauty blog idea starting tickling my brain again. I figured maybe I should do it, If it’s something I want so badly. If even a few people read it and it helps them in any way, say, by reading a review that could save them money, by helping my favorite businesses by gaining them even just a couple new customers, and by helping people who have similar style to mine find a beauty blog that is directed towards them. That can’t be bad, right?

By similar style, I mean people who are creative with their looks. People who like to express themselves through their clothing, hair and makeup. People who think facial piercings are hot and who can appreciate the Rocker-chic aesthetic. Or the rockabilly, punk, goth, hipster, geek, metal, glam, cyber, & so on &  on….

I may not be the best writer in the world but I will strive to make my posts as easy to read as possible with proper grammar and whatnot.  I will try not to make you wince while perusing my ramblings, at least not at my spelling skillz. Just try to bear with me when I don’t get it right.

My loose plans for this thing are to write articles, reviews which will cover high-end products, drug-store, mineral/indie, and will denote when products are bright or dramatic enough to work in a goth or “extreme” look. I don’t want this blog to only appeal to one kind of person. I want anyone with a passion for alternative fashion and makeup to enjoy this blog.

Please enjoy, and pass it on to anyone else whom you think might enjoy it, then you can all leave me comments and give me some feedback as to the direction of my blog, recommend things to review and let me know if  I’m butchering the english language.