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Find Me On Etsy To See My Favorite Shops

Please look me up on Etsy- I’ve been saving lots of goth-y, dark and unique clothing, accessories and home decor in my favorite shops with the intent of sharing it on here. However, please don’t judge me because of all the food. I haven’t actually ordered any, I’m on a diet so I guess looking at it is like food porn for me. Anyhow,  Feel free to look me up: DarkestSunrise.

I have a post coming with swatches that’s taking longer than I expected.


Article- Dark Fashion Finds on Etsy vol1

I just tried to post my dark fashion finds from mainstream clothing stores, but unfortunately It came out looking quite wonky because of the way i aligned the pictures chopping up the text. I don’t have the patience to re-post the exact same thing and I also thought it came out looking a little cheesy. I decided I would post my etsy finds instead. I will re-post my first idea also at another time in the not-too-distant future because all of those things were much more affordable. I personally am on a budget but I look forward to when I can actually purchase some of the amazing articles of clothing I have on my Favorites list on Etsy.  There are a lot of darkly Fashionable goodies on the site and since I’ve spent some time perusing and finding these gems, I thought it worthwhile to share them and possibly save you some time hunting! The following are just a few, for the time being.

First is the Rubber Harness shirt & skirt (sold separately) from Masque242 whom I link to on my sidebar because I love her stuff!

And here is a steel boned waist cincher from the same seller, Masque242

Here is a really stunning brocade neck corset from seller DecadentDesignz

And here is a super-cute hair accessory with purple netting from JadeRoseDesigns. Purple is my fave colour!!

Another accessory worth checking out is this unique and affordable necklace from seller WhiteOwl

Pretties, no?