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Makeup Brushes Pt. 1- Eyes

I used to think buying things like makeup brushes was boring- I’d have much rather spent my money on a new eyeshadow than something to apply it with! I eventually realized I can get all the eyeshadows I want but they’ll always look kinda crappy if I’m using the tiny sponge applicator that they came with. Those things have their use- they’ll deposit  color but they don’t blend  or create thin lines or any shaping. They also waste product by absorbing it. Just as with any job or art project, you need specific tools for specific tasks when it comes to cosmetics.  Even if you usually only do eyeliner, powder and mascara or any kind of minimal routine you can still appreciate something that makes your task easier and gives prettier results.

I think for now I’m sticking with eye brushes or else this would be way too long!

Concealer brushes come in different sizes for different jobs. The smallest ones are used to cover single blemishes but the kind pictured is best to cover dark under-eye circles. This can deposit more product in one swipe and more evenly than fingers can. Plus, they can be used to smooth eye primer on lids.

Some liquid eyeliners have really great formulas but the brush that comes with it doesn’t work for you-too wide or narrow, too long, etc. Having your own liner brush is useful for that situation as well as using any eyeshadow as a liner-just dampen the tip of the brush,drag across the shadow and line. Fun! The small tip can be used to dot a shimmery highlight to the inner corners of eyes.

A dome-shaped brush like this one comes in different sizes and density of bristles.They are considered the basic eyeshadow brush. The largest  of these is best for applying a single color all over the eye area as a base or just for an easy sweep of color. A medium one is perfect for applying color evenly to the lid. They are also good for placing a highlight color under the brow.

This brush is meant for applying color to your crease.  Because of the shape  it’s very easy to control the amount of color to deposit. They can also be used to apply brow-bone highlight and  lightly blend away harsh lines where different colors of shadow meet.

This is a smudge brush. They can be shaped like the dome brush but smudgers usually have very short and densely packed bristles, good for applying color and smudging and smoking it out.If you struggle with a smoky eye this is the brush you need! It works a charm on lower lash line.

This is a lash or brow comb. I use both sides on my lashes and sometimes the bristled side on my brows if they are extra-unruly. This rids your fringe of clumps and that dreaded “spidey-lash” look. Comb through lashes in-between coats of mascara, before and after curling. The results are so worth it!

An angle brow brush has short, stiff bristles at a slant that works perfectly for enhancing eyebrows. I seriously can’t get ready without mine!  This is the only one on the list that I’d say you should get a natural hair version of because the synthetic one i got was so crappy. I personally don’t think most of the others need to be specifically natural or synthetic. For the vegans, I think you may have to spend a little extra to find a good synth version but it’s worth it if you do your brows.

Speaking of cost- you don’t have to break the bank to get brushes. I splurge on some and scrimp on others, for example- I know that my lash-brow comb is going to get nasty from mascara even if I wash it often so I get the cheapest one from Walgreen’s. Just because it’s from Walgreen’s doesn’t mean it’s crappy either- I got my dual-ended crease brush at Walgreen’s for $3.99 and if I see another one there I’ll get it for backup. CVS has the Eco-Tools line of brushes that are nice. Target has Sonia Kashiuk which is a bit pricier than Eco-Tools but it’s also better quality and the have sets of them too. Ebay and Amazon offer sets of brushes which is where I got my first set- I got a 24 piece set from China for under $40  and they are still in great shape. ELF (eyes lips face) online has singles and sets very cheap and I’ve heard they are decent. You can look up online how to care for your brushes so i won’t ramble about that but I will say you do need to get brush cleaner and take the time to use it.

If you do they will last you a long time and continue to make your makeup look amazing!