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Still In Trasition

I am still working on moving. This Sunday I’ll get my funiture and computer which will be nice. Almost all my makeup is packed away but I got a few packages with stuff to swatch  including Shiro, Fyrinnae and Hi-Fi. I also have some lip stuff and foundation to review and swatch. Once I have my computer and set up a spot to take pictures,  I’ll be back to posting and probably more often since I’ll have lots of time on my hands! I want to post regularly, I don’t want to just update haphazardly like I have been.

My last post was hurried and reading it again I really didn’t like the way it sounded. The reasons I’m moving in with mom (temporarily!) is because my bf of five years and I recently split up and I want to go back to school (Paul Mitchell) which I can’t afford to do if I’m renting someplace. Being at my mom’s isn’t bad at all actually. My mom and I are super close and we’ve been getting along great ever since I grew past my teenage years. Before that I made her life hell and she held it against me every minute. I’m so glad that’s long over because I’m lucky to have her and I’m trying hard to make myself useful 😉

I like hearing about the people behind the blogs I read and I hope you do too, otherwise you’re probably bored and not liking me at the moment, lol!  I love that people take their time to visit this blog and I wanted to explain to you what’s going on and why there’s nothing new to read. I appreciate all the people who still stop by and I hope I don’t lose you guys in the meantime. Thank you so so much for reading.


Moving Sucks!

I’m currently in the middle of an unexpected move. I’m being a loser and moving back in my with mom (yeah, go ahead and laugh 😉   while I attend cosmetology school. I have mixed feelings but I’m mostly focusing on the hope I’m feeling for the future. It probably sounds cheesy but it’s true. I don’t have my computer and my whole stash so it may be a little longer until I can post again. I have a few things waiting to be reviewed and I have some stuff coming in the mail to review once things settle down.

Thank you for continuing to check in even though I’ve been crappy at updating. I want to change that.  I will have more time and more to write about  once things get straight, especially about beauty school-YAY!  Anyhow,  I appreciate every single  time someone comes to this blog. Thank you.

Looking for Urban Decay Lip Gunk Dupe

I have been on the lookout for a dupe of the shade in the discontinued “Lip Gunks” from Urban Decay called Big Bang.Lip Gunks weren’t the best glosses formula-wise- they were too goopy and heavy, if I remember correctly…but they had unique and fun colors- especially at a time when colors like that were much harder to find.  I wish I still had my tube. It was an opaque fuschia with blue glitter.  The shade of the base color was similar to MAC’s Hot House (released most recently with the Venemous Villains collection)  I actually thought Hot House might be what I was searching for but it’s not opaque enough to be worn alone because it applies unevenly. The blue glitter looked like a sheen from far away  but up close you could see the glitter. It was fun and I loved it.  There was another color I loved called SWF. It was a pale pale pink with glitter and unlike most of those type of pinks, it didn’t look like concealer-lips or settle into my liplines.  I miss Urban Decay being super-edgy! Their new gloss colors are comparable to every other line.  Meh.

Anyways- my point after all this is that I want a dupe, dammit!  I’m reaching out to you awesome people who take the time to read my blog and who love makeup as much as I do. If you know of a possible dupe please point me in that direction. If you know someone who can whip up custom colors, that’d work also. Thank you guys!!

There are very few pics of this shade and this one I found isn’t too helpful because it looks more translucent/jelly- like than it actually is. I think it was more like liquid lipstick than gloss.The “gunk” can be bought on EBay which I’d go do but they’ve been off the market for long enough that I wouldn’t want to use it.

This looks more clear and jelly-like than it was IRL.

I’m Back & Fun Stuff Coming Up!

I’m back- not 100% yet but getting better. Thanks for sticking with me. I have debated about whether or not to explain about my health problems but this is a beauty blog first and foremost and I don’t think this is the place to explain in depth. Basically, I had one fairly rare disease that causes my immune system to not function very well and in turn I caught a virus that is non-communicable but I’m stick with both of them. They are non-fatal but  non-curable and sometimes I feel fine but they flare-up from time to time.  Some flare-ups are worse than others and the length of time they go on can vary. This month of being sick was the longest time it’s persisted. When things get as bad as they have been, all I can manage to do is sleep.

While I was away I had a birthday and I cut all my hair off and dyed it fire-engine red. YAY!

I have a series of posts I’m working on that feature my current favorite things with pics, swatches and reviews. I’ve noticed that when I’m in a rush and need something that I know looks good without any guesswork there are certain things I can depend on and that I’d recommend highly to others. Those things are what I’ll be featuring in my favorite things posts. Now that it’s cold I’ve had to step up my skincare as well and with the new hair I’ve been trying new hair products so I have stuff to share on that front. The first one will be up soon- possibly tonight, if I can finish it!

Makeup  is  such a happy thing for me- when I’m sick and stuck in bed there’s no point in wearing any and I end up looking forward to doing my makeup again so much that I relish every minute of figuring out what I’m wearing and putting it on and experimenting with colors and techniques.  I’ve been looking forward to keeping up with the blog again and I’ve been enjoying reading others and leaving comments during my downtime. Thanks again for the people who kept visiting & subscribing despite the lack of updates. I appreciate it so much!!


I hate to go so long without posting but I’ve been soo sick. The past three weeks have had me feeling like death, then better, and worse yet again.  All I want to do is sleep. Unfortunately this will happen with me from time to time as I have chronic health problems. I’ll be back as soon as I can manage though. Posting on here always makes me happy and I look forward to having the energy to come up with a real one.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Because Every Day Is Halloween…

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up, I love that everyone else does it too and it’s an excuse to go really crazy with your makeup!  When I was a teenager ( I was 16 ten years ago if you’re curious)  we didn’t have such easy access to makeup that was edgy or suitable for getting creative. Every Halloween there would be displays of black lipstick and nail polish, along with fun false lashes and other “crazy” stuff. My friends and I always stocked up even though the makeup was kind of cruddy quality. I remember discovering Urban Decay and their out-there lipsticks and eyeshadow colors. It was a little pricey for my teenage self but I bought their Oil Slick eyeshadow and wore it faithfully. It was so unique at the time but it’s funny because it seems like every makeup line has at least one black  with silver glitter eyeshadow now. You can get glittery eyeshadow at the drugstore and black or near-black lipstick is sold by even high-end brands. Between Sephora, MAC and all the great indie brands you can get any color your creative little heart desires- it’s glorious!

Even with all that considered, Halloween is still a great time to pick up some fun makeup. You can still score cheap and fun false lashes at the drugstore (which I do!) and now Make Up For Ever and Sephora are offering makeup sets to compliment your costume but if you’re daring you could wear them anytime. This one little set caught my eye and I thought I’d share-

It comes with the  Long Lasting Liquid Liner in Black, Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Black, Silver Glitter Spray, Colorful Eyeshadow Duo 06 and False Lashes. $26.

My advice for Halloween is- Go crazy. Go darker, bigger, brighter, be completely and utterly outrageous because it’s one day that you can look however you want without the risk of people yelling ” There’s X days till Halloween, Ya freak!” As you stroll down the street. I’m not saying that used to happen to me back where I’m from or anything…..all the time… those assholes!   :0  Haha, ahh well  It all worked out because now I live in a place where I’m far from the most daringly dressed person anymore.

Have fun with it and if you have a minute, pretty please tell me what you are dressing up as or what you plan to do with your hair or makeup! If you really love me send me a picture or send me links to your Halloween pics afterwords!  Yay!

Cheeky Thoughtful

My other half returned home  last night bearing gifts from his mini East Coast tour.  As usual it was a gift that was sweet, thoughtful and downright awesome. He’s so good at picking presents!

The coolest makeup bag ever.  The best part is that if you X-Rayed my take-along bag of makeup this is exactly what you would find right down to the spiked collar.

(Available from the gift shop at Rhode Island School of Design. Bag by XPOSED.)

I can’t believe this is the second personal post in one day. No worries, we will now return to our regularly scheduled makeup and clothing obsessed ravings. Thanks for hanging in there!