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Some Seriously Hot Tattoos

I had never heard of House of Dereon before I spotted their ad in one of the usual beauty mags, but the ads got my attention! It wasn’t the clothing or the shoes, however. It was the model and her tattoos!  I was going completely crazy over the ads all the while wondering if the tattoos were real and why the model looked so familiar….*sigh*  While researching this post I discovered the model is actually Beyonce and of course, the tatts are not real.I think they might even be the same ones that Urban Decay just released with their holiday collection.

Something about how these are delicate and pretty yet still hardcore…plus I love tattoos that are not just a design, but truly decorate the part of the body on which they are wings on a back, or vine snaking up a torso. I love the jewelry-thin chain garter belt tattoo she has going on, I now want something similar so badly.

You can see for yourself  at Dereon’s website-

What do you think?  Have you ever felt tattoo lust?


Pleasant Surprise, Fashion-Wise (ha)

I am not one to be a snob about brands or where I shop. I really like mixing it up and finding pieces all over the place. I get a little thrill out of finding something amazing in the most unexpected place and when someone asks me where I got it and I fill them in they react with disbelief. Fun.Even so, I guess I’m not immune to stereotyping stores and avoiding based on what I think I know. I was surprised to come across this article in Chinashop online about a well-known extremely preppy clothing brand/store’s new fall line. Check the pic-

J CREW!  Really. We used to get their catalog at my house when I was a teenager and their clothing was just plain boring. It was the epitome of preppy style.  Yes, the colors are still pretty muted, nothing too harsh in this palette. The military accents, vintage feel, copious layers and fun accessories are a pleasant contrast to what comes to mind when I think of  this brand. Like traditional J-crew, some of the pieces are very simple and worn alone or with other J-crew style clothing they won’t look like much of anything. The genius in this is in the way things are put together and layered.

Guess which one of those outfits I really like?  If you picked anything but the second from the right you just don’t get me and I think we need to break up.

Some of the jackets and accessories may end up as additions to my wardrobe. Anybody else see anything that catches your eye?

Style Crushes!

Have you ever saw someone who really had such killer style  that you couldn’t help but feel something like jealousy and want to immediately discard everything you own and replace it with things “that girl” wears? Her hair, makeup and OH WOW her clothes, so creative, so well-done! This happened to me most recently with Amy, or Shrinkle- famous among  the online beauty community for creating “Sugarpill” her own amazingly cute & bright makeup line.I caught my thoughts surpassing admiration and entering into borderline jealousy and coveting and had to laugh at myself. Now I know that when I feel that way it’s just because someone has a fierce sense of personal style worthy of  checking out and appreciating and not that my own style is lacking. When I was younger, I didn’t understand this concept even a little.

I was very overweight as a little girl. I suddenly shed the majority of my baby-fat the summer between sixth and seventh grades, just before junior high- an optimal time if ever there was one!  Even though I had shed an impressive amount of pounds and my body was maturing I was the epitome of insecure. I had no idea how to handle people having fun at my expense nor did I know how to handle positive attention. I was of the thought that since I was never going to fit in no matter what I tried or did, I might as well be as different as possible and enjoy dressing for school in the morning. I soaked up grunge “fashion” and ended up looking like a colorblind bag lady. Maybe it was because the styles I emulated weren’t on display to suburban 13-year-old however I got the idea of my perfect style from 90’s alt-rock videos, Rolling Stone & Spin magazines, and the occasional people-watching in Boston. I would just be perfecting my grunge look when Nine Inch Nails was the best band ever in our circle so everything that was brown or plaid now had to be black or shiny. When the local bands playing at halls and such became high-school tributes to 70’s punk bands, I was busy the day after my very first show scrounging up safety pins and bleach to alter my jeans and boots. Luckily those stylistic transitions were pretty easily and smoothly made. As I got a little older, while still being impressionable I remember seeing real goths for the first time. Not just kids with all black on but people who spent a lot of time (and hairspray) on their looks. It was intricate and beautiful and I was hooked. This style WAS me. I had already basically been on the path anyhow. I threw myself entirely into becoming GOTH. I dyed my hair purple (the first time, how fondly I remember!) I braided it in a  hundred colored braids running down my back. I pierced my lip and dressed up. I ended up at the goth club as soon as I turned the magical age of 19 (in Boston it’s a year later for some reason) It reduced me to my incredibly insecure self from junior high. I knew I wasn’t “goth enough” after seeing these people. I  didn’t always dress the part and I liked the music but I also liked metal, punk, and even underground hip-hop- did that make me not goth? It felt like being part of a subculture was more limiting than being in the majority of the population.

Bottom line is that I was constantly comparing myself to other people and not measuring up. I adapted my style to others that I saw  always thinking someone else was more “something.” Whatever that “something” was that I wanted to be. Of course you don’t have to completely adapt yourself to a pre-existing style. You should adapt the style to yourself. Or just take aspects of it and leave the rest! You like blue hair and black nails with flower-print dresses? Go for it. You don’t have to live by anyone else’s rules. I love that subcultural styles exist. I just think that sometimes very young people don’t understand that they should function as a jumping-off point, rather than a strict code of dress. Actually, I’ve met some adults that don’t think that way either! I know personally I’ve come a long way because of experimenting within these styles. I’m kind of a hybrid when it comes to dress, people can’t immediately peg me as anything. When I buy something  to wear it’s simply because it appeals to me. Now I wonder if sometime, some chicky will see my style the way I saw Skrinkle?

Article-Staying true to your Alternative Style- Pt. 2

Maybe you have decided that dressing up and decorating yourself on your off-time isn’t enough. Maybe you think that a job should accept not just your work ethic, but your personal style as well and wish they would realize that how you look doesn’t have to affect how you perform. Or maybe you are so devoted to the modifications you have made to your body that you simply cannot alter that for anything. I totally understand. I wish employers and more importantly the public that the employers worry about could be more accepting. Unfortunately, plenty of workplaces are not okay with body art and un-natural hair colors and styles.  I am trying my best to compile a list of places and ideas of the kinds of places that will accept alternative styles.

I’m going to skip over the obvious like owning a business, tattoo parlors, etc. Pretty much anyplace you can work without coming face-to face with customers is usually accepting of your personal style. Warehouses, call-centers, restaurant kitchens, etc. Places that pander to alternative styles will work- House of Blues and other concert venues, stores that sell rock band T-shirts & gear, Hot Topic…& speaking of Hot Topic many mall stores are flexible with their employees choice of hair and body mods. Spencer’s gifts, Claire’s accessories, Forever 21, and H&M.  are just a few. Borders Books is down with the tatts & such, so checking out other Book Stores policies seems logical.Many bars are fine with their bartenders looking how they want as long as it brings customers in and not the opposite.

Working as a Make-up artist, Cosmetologist, etc. gives you free reign. Likewise being a cosmetology teacher or working in a beauty school in any position, I think. Also working in a Beauty Supply store or makeup and hair oriented shop. Sally’s Beauty & Sephora are known to be ok with their employees looking how they want. With Sephora you’d have to really pay attention to your makeup and looks, obviously. They want people selling their products that have interest in them like in  most retail environments. Salons are usually flexible, but don’t apply at a salon that caters to older clients or is in a very suburban area. Also, chain discount salons are probably a no-go.

Working with computers, as a technician, in software development or as a graphic designer usually works. Obviously being in any artistic profession is great if you’re worried about someone trying to cramp your style literally. I was surprised to find that Dell and Sony are openly open about being body mod friendly though.

Strip clubs and adult stores are pretty open-minded! I know this from experience, people. lol.Dave & Busters & Little Ceasar’s are ok with Alt-Styles. Unfortunately many chain-restaurants are not, such as Burger King & McDonalds, Pizza Hut & Papa Johns.

A lot of Vintage stores are cool, like Buffalo Exchange. Most independent thrift stores that cater to a young and stylish market will be ok with how you want to roll. Likewise a Theatre shop or working as or for a seamstress. Most tobacco shops are pretty open-minded too.

Most of this is common sense. Places I have mentioned by name I either know from experience or have word from friends that they are accepting. There are places you’d never think would be cool that are (Target, USPS) and places you would think wouldn’t mind but do (Burger King, Blockbuster) I just wanted to write this to hopefully give you some ideas and get your own thoughts flowing on the topic. If you have anything to add please do!

Here is a list of companies that are supposed to be O.K with Body Mods and the like-

Also this MySpace page is to list places that are not O.K with that sort of thing –

I hope that any of this may be of help in some way!

Article-Staying True to your (alternative) Style part 1

When I was a teenager, Like all teenagers I swore when I got older I would not be one of those style-less fuddy-duddy people that conform to become part of the evil corporate machine. Even as I reached my early 20’s I had managed to get jobs that were OK with my waist-length purple synth-dreads and snakebite lip piercings. I maintained that I would not take out my piercings or change my hair for a job. If they didn’t want me the way that I was and wanted to be, then they couldn’t have me at all.

Last year at age 26 I finally did the unthinkable. I took out all my facial piercings (by this time I had four) and dyed my hair black. It wasn’t even for a specific job! I had been looking for work unsuccessfully for over a month and everyplace I applied mentioned my appearance. I shook it off and swore I would find something that worked with the way I looked. Reality eventually set in of course and money dwindled to the point that just finding work, any work became the top priority. I felt as though I was losing a little piece of myself. I really liked the way my piercings went with my face. I loved changing my hair monthly, trying the most fun and outlandish styles I could achieve. Most of all, I liked being able to say that I always stayed true to my self and my sense of style. Now I became  that old sellout I swore I’d never be.

Or was I?  I had decided that finding work and supporting myself was more important to me. I didn’t change anything because anyone told me to but because I knew that at the point I was at that I either had to change something to move on, or not change and be stuck in place, broke and unhappy. I wasn’t changing because I was being greedy and wanted more money or to move up- just make any money and move forward at all.

What I would like most of all is to have a profession I can be successful at and also look however I want. That is a goal I have set for myself. That will take some moving through the ranks of work and life and putting in my dues in this case requires me to tone my appearance down while in the workplace. There are professions besides being a tattoo artist where you can dictate how you look and not the other way around. I’ll be writing another article about that soon.

Within any subculture there are visual clues, stylistic representations that alert people to what we are trying to express, possibly even what music we like, what our attitudes may be like and overall what cultural group we align ourselves with. When we have to change our style to fit the requirements of a job, we worry that we will no longer express ourselves correctly though our looks,will no longer be recognizable as part of our chosen subculture to others, especially members of that particular subculture.

There are ways to alter your appearance to help you keep your style whether it’s dressing up to go out to a show or club, or trying to look like yourself in a uniform for work. Clothing is the most obvious way to express yourself. Not only do I like to find clothing that I love to wear but I am starting to make and up-cycle my own creations to express myself even further. Fake hair is our friend. Wigs, extensions,falls and all kinds of crazy additions to those things are a fun way to help dress up. Makeup is a big one. I think part of the reason why I am more interested in makeup now than I ever was is because I rely on it  more heavily to express what my piercings (hair,etc) cannot. Tattoos in non-visible places are another thing that is all yours and will help solidify your sense of style. I have designs on my thighs that show when I wear miniskirts and one on my shoulder blade that shows when I wear tanks but neither are visible in typical work clothing or uniforms. Maybe you can’t get away with waist length purple dreads at work but find out if you can have purple streaks. If not a funky color try highlights of black on auburn, or strawberry blonde on red, something that looks neat in natural colors. Haircuts can go a long way to helping you look the way you want when stuck in a uniform so keep this in mind when going to the hairdresser. A uniform-length bob that stops at chin-length will make you look conservative with no other visual clues as to your style. An asymmetrical bob however will look more edgy. Short and spiky with long pieces in the front will look cute and punky on a girl and sexy and cutting-edge on a guy. Angled cuts (shorter in back, longer in front like a V-cut) always look good too. Some workplaces are ok with retainers (clear plastic pieces) worn at work in place of facial piercings. They are nearly invisible and keep the holes open. This wouldn’t work with large gauges, unfortunately.

As much as we may want to tell our future boss off when they tell us we have to change XXX if we want the job, sometimes it’s just not feasible. Sometimes just making a living becomes our highest priority. I truly hope eventually the children of today (or their grandchildren) live in a world where how you look has no impact on how you choose to make your living.  No one wants to be a sell-out  but not being able to roll with life’s changes is equally undesirable. For now, we must learn to practice balance.

Article- Dark Fashion Finds on Etsy vol1

I just tried to post my dark fashion finds from mainstream clothing stores, but unfortunately It came out looking quite wonky because of the way i aligned the pictures chopping up the text. I don’t have the patience to re-post the exact same thing and I also thought it came out looking a little cheesy. I decided I would post my etsy finds instead. I will re-post my first idea also at another time in the not-too-distant future because all of those things were much more affordable. I personally am on a budget but I look forward to when I can actually purchase some of the amazing articles of clothing I have on my Favorites list on Etsy.  There are a lot of darkly Fashionable goodies on the site and since I’ve spent some time perusing and finding these gems, I thought it worthwhile to share them and possibly save you some time hunting! The following are just a few, for the time being.

First is the Rubber Harness shirt & skirt (sold separately) from Masque242 whom I link to on my sidebar because I love her stuff!

And here is a steel boned waist cincher from the same seller, Masque242

Here is a really stunning brocade neck corset from seller DecadentDesignz

And here is a super-cute hair accessory with purple netting from JadeRoseDesigns. Purple is my fave colour!!

Another accessory worth checking out is this unique and affordable necklace from seller WhiteOwl

Pretties, no?

Vogue Article on Manga Makeup

Here is a link to an article on Vogue online featuring various looks that are categorized as Manga Makeup. A few of them are pretty cool looking but look for the MOUSE. That Mouse costume/makeup is one of the Creepiest things I’ve seen in a long time. My goodness.

Japanese fashion is nothing if not creative and dramatic.  Visiting Tokyo is on my Bucket List, that’s for sure. However I think if they looked harder they could have found better pictures. I don’t love this spread. The punkier looks are nice though-it’s a good example of how punk rock makeup can be creative.