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Article- Tips for Choosing Makeup to go with Funky Coloured Hair

Help, My hair is green and now my favorite red lipstick makes me look like a Christmas decoration!

Okay, after having my hair just about every colour possible, both natural and very un-natural I have learned that not all makeup colours really work with all colours of hair. Maybe this doesn’t bother everyone, but I was a bit peeved and confused about whether I should even bother with bright colors at all after I first noticed this problem while my hair was purple. Here are a few tips I picked up along my hair-coloring journey.

The first is that if you have purple hair, a purple lip colour that matches the tones in your hair with look killer. Try a Black gloss over it sometime too! Try to match the tones in your haircolor. If your hair is fucshia, both pink or purple will look nice. This is also true for red hair. Red lips and red hair look great too.If your hair is burgundy, try a red that leans purple. If your hair is fire-engine red try a blue-based red for your lips to counteract any orange tones in the hair, in this case you don’t want to match the tones in your hair because all that orange can be unflattering.

Two-Blues and Greens look great with Nude, Coral, or Pink lips. If you are more daring, try a blue or green lip to match your hair like the above suggestions as well! If you are going to use a color like this on your lip you want a formula that is opaque and hydrating, so that the color does not highlight every flaw you have in your lips. Try Morgana Mineral’s Vegan Lipsticks. She has all sorts of fun colors to try!

Three- Black hair and black lipstick may be too much depending on what you’re going for. Then again it may be just right for you. I always though it just made me look like I was trying too hard, personally I couldn’t pull it off. The good news is, with black hair pretty much ANY other colors for your eyes and lips look fantastic, so go play!

Four- If you feel that the brightbrightbright ( or black)¬† colour you picked for your hair washes out your face try a bronzer. If you are someone who loves their pale skin there are bronzers out there even for someone like you. I used to be like that and I started slowly. Smashbox makes some blush/bronzer quads that have a white color in them as well as really subdued colors that you can use alone or swipe together to add a little touch of colour that doesn’t look ridiculous on super-pale skin. There are probably other similar products out there, for a drugstore alternative try Physician’s formula! Check them out at your local drugstore and look for something that will add some colour to your face but is very light-toned.

Five- Stylized eyeliner always looks great in combination with funky-dyed hair. Picture green tresses, pale peach lips and A cat eye! Or Marilyn Monroe styled eye makeup. Play around with a nice dark liquid eyeliner.

Six- Try a crazy bright matte eyeshadow matching your haircolour and pair it with a glitter eyeliner. Try Too Faced Starry-Eyed or Nyx Glitter eyeliner. Too Faced glitter eyeliner is one of the best, IMO, because you don’t have to layer it like crazy to get a thick glittery line. They have black with silver glitter, black w/gold glitter, two kinds of pink one hot and one paler, and at least one bright blue. I’ve never tried NYX but they aren’t pricey and I’ve heard good things. I’ll review once I have a chance to snag some myself!

Seven- Try coloring your brows to match your hair- Temporarily, that is! Brunettes & Blondes do it, so why not Blue and Purple haired gals? Try wetting a slanted eyebrow brush and dipping it in a matte or sparkly colour that matches your haircolor. Lightly brush it in the beginning of your eybrow and then draw a strong line of it from the arch to the end of the brow. It doesn’t have to match either, try any color that looks good with your hair and complexion.Try this even if your hair is black- why not put a little blue in your brows?

Eight- Experiment! Having brightly coloured hair is a fun thing  so enjoy it and enjoy finding makeup looks to go with it!