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Multi-Tasking Lip Product Greatness

I was at Sephora recently to pick up a brush when this little pot of pretty caught my eye. It’s a berry colored stain but  it’s also from the Venom line of lip plumpers that the DuWop brand offers. I tried it on in the store and ended up getting it right then! I’ve been looking for a lip product I can put on and forget about touching up for awhile because I smoke and am constantly drinking something so lip color wears off fast. I think my lips are too pale to skip color altogether though so I was hoping this might be exactly what I needed.

When you screw the top off the little pot, you’ll see that it’s a dark reddish-berry color and it smells so delicious! I can’t pinpoint the scent but it reminds me of cinnamon and it smells clean and fresh.The smell isn’t as noticeable on the lips and didn’t bother me when drinking or eating. I got the best results using a lip brush to put it on. Now, from what I know of stains I’d say this wears more like a full-color gloss that happens to leave an even, pretty stain behind than simply using a stain. No matter how much you apply, the resulting stain will be less dramatic than when first-applied but the color will last. You can smooth on a thin layer for a lightly flushed effect or build it up  for a rich, glossy look that fades to more dramatic stain.

As far as plumping goes, that seems to be what DuWop is known for but I didn’t notice anything  super dramatic. I did notice a slight  effect though.  It lacks the intense tingling sensation that the original Venom had but  I think those of us with sensitive skin will  appreciate that!

Overall, I am impressed and I am loving this stuff!

DuWop Pure Venom in Pure Berry is made of 100% natural and 90% organic ingredients.