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A mini-update & the best.lipstick.ever!

I wanted to post some Morgana lipstick swatches but I am having a hard time getting accurate pics of the colors on my lips. I don’t know if it’s the camera or lighting so I plan to swatch them on my arm or hand and then take my time getting proper pics of them being worn. I cannot wait until I post them to tell you how amazing these are! I may have gushed about them before but I am so in love with the formula. It feels a little dry once on so if you suffer from chapping or peeling try this- load up your lips with balm, leave it for a minute and then exfoliate gently with a damp towel. Then apply balm again, let it sink in for a few minutes this time, then blot. Then you are good to go!

They are super-long wearing and fade down to what looks like a stain, but removes easily if you try. They do not leave that dreaded ring around the outside of your lips that looks like badly applied early 90’s liner. I like them matte but once they start to wear off I put a gloss over it rather than touching up and it looks so pretty. I can’t recommend these enough! The one caveat- they only come in offbeat colors. Nothing remotely natural. That’s almost too bad because people who shy away from bright or very dark colors are missing out on an amazing product.

Also, I am not posting as much as I could because I don’t like making all these posts without pictures.I am trying to get my hands on PhotoShop and teach myself some PS skillz . I want to gussy this blog up and make it prettier and more appealing. I’m still on the lookout for a better theme. I may even move my blog to another host if It’s easier to edit the way it looks.