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A WIN on my Black liner quest!


OKAY, I apologize if you are starting to think my entire blog is reviews on black eyeliners. It really isn’t, I swear! I think this is one of the last for the time being.

Now, I don’t know why I haven’t just stuck with cream liners since the first one I tried.Cream and gel liners give the sharp look of liquid with no mess. They are so easy to work with,Truly foolproof! My mother purchased me a Smashbox black cream liner when they were newly available to the masses. I absolutely loved it and was quite sad when it ran out. This place was somehow barren of Sephora and buying another online didn’t even occur to me as I wasn’t as makeup obsessed then.

I picked up a HIP cream liner along the way but never used it. I got the Smashbox Cream Liner Palette and wasn’t as impressed with the product as I remember- perhaps the tiny amount in the palette wasn’t exactly right for some reason? I don’t know but I had almost forgotten the pure bliss of a good cream/gel liner formula. Then- it’s like the heavens parted  when I first tried out my new liner that I purchased on impulse. Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in blackest black is pretty freakin’ good. It may even be great.

It lasts all day. I tried sans primer and still had great results! Without primer it still looked good after ten hours. With, It survived a splash of water to the face (9 hrs after application) without smudging even a little. It still looked perfect untilI removed it 14 hours  after applying it! It is easily swiped off with proper remover though.  It feels and looks oh-so-nice. The little brush that comes with it actually works well for the job. Also,I swatched a couple shadows over it on my arm last night and I loved the effect! I am just exploring the possibilities of colored bases. The swatches stayed put through sleeping all night! They were a little muddled looking because of getting rubbed up against constantly but not very faded. They wouldn’t be going through that on my eye but lids are different and more oily than an arm obviously. I don’t have pics of those at the moment, sorry bout that!

Here it is on my hand, I swiped it and then went over it once more  but even a single coat is black enough!

The second pic is Jordana’s black pencil liner compared to Lasting Drama gel, just to put it in perspective.

Jordana pencil vs. Maybelline gel

Bottom line is that it’s a great product, good value and gel/cream liners are nice  in general!


Review- A FAIL on my “Perfect Black Liner Quest”

Ah, Sephora. I love this store. They sell so many of my fave brands. Unfortunately the Sephora-brand product line?…. Not my favorite stuff.

I am on a constant quest to find the perfect black eyeliner(s). I already found my perfect pencil- Urban Decay’s 24/7 Zero. I haven’t found the perfect liquid liner pen yet though.  My most recent eyeliner purchase was this Sephora liner,“Sephora Collection doe-eyed felt liner pen.” I went there to try/buy the TokiDoki Perfetto liner but they were all out and I needed something right away.  I went about swatching various liners that had good reviews on the net. I landed on this one which I hadn’t seen reviews of but it looked so nice on my wrist!  It was very dark black & easy to apply a thick to a thin line. The tip was stiff but not so stiff that it wouldn’t bend at all. You know when an eyeliner tip is so hard that it creates a streaky uneven line? Not pretty!! I liked the way this liner worked from swatching it better than any of the other, more expensive ones I had tried. I decided it might even be more what I needed than the liner I set out to buy in the first place!

I got it home and really enjoyed using it for about a week.It went on nicely and stayed on. No flaking or smudging! Wonderful!  The next couple days I noticed that it worked when I did one eye but when I got to the second it was kind of dry, like if it was a brush it would need to be dipped back into the tube. I tried shaking it and putting the cap back on for a few minutes before using it again but nothing helped much. The next day, same thing. . The problem didn’t go away and after a couple weeks the intensity of the black faded noticeably. I don’t think it was dried out either.   When I got it, it was sealed. It also was not under the lights in the display because the display was empty so an SA brought it from the back.

Overall, I say this liner is a fail. Not worth it! If you have used this with different results please share your experience.

And…just so this post isn’t all negativity- I’m not as big into lipstick as I am into eye colors but I’ve been trying all kinds of lipstick the past 6 months. I recently found a formula that I am totally, completely smitten with! Morgana Minerals vegan lippies are A-MAY-ZINGG!! I cannot believe what this lipstick can last though. And it feels so nice! Full review to come.  😀

Review- Wet N Wild Mega Eyes Liquid Liner Pen

I am always looking for the perfect black liquid liner. Recently, I started purchasing pen or felt-tip style liners instead of brush-type liquid liners. I learned how to use liquid liner on brushes, I thought the formulas with brushes seemed to have truer darker blacks (I still do) and they created a thicker line. I like a thicker line if I’m skipping eyeshadow (I know, Blasphemy!)

I started taking a medication  that is necessary, but has the side effect that it makes me twitch. Not anything major and not all the time but enough that when I am putting on liquid eyeliner, I notice it. A poorly-timed twitch while putting on makeup can really mess me up and it costs me time as well.

My most recent purchase on my eyeliner quest is Wet N Wild MegaEyes Liquid Eyeliner Pen. I used to associate Wet N Wild with the cheapest makeup in the drugstore and the quality was always  pretty much  what I expected for the price. Recently they have stepped up their game, offering a line of “natural” makeup in recycle-able packaging and palettes named after the seven deadly sins with colors that are supposedly dupes of mac both in color match and quality. Shocking, no? I don’t have the palettes yet so I cannot back that up, however some of my fave beauty blogs have reviewed and compared side-by-side to mac and I see purchasing them in my near future.

Anyhow, that was a bit of a ramble, I tend to do that, let’s get back on track! So, Mega Eyes…Not bad, Wet N Wild, not bad at all. One of the good things about it is that it seems to glide easily, it feels like there’s a lot of product in there and you don’t have to shake the pen to coax and cajole the product out in a reasonable amount. The tip is soft but not so soft that when you press down on it you get a big blob of liner. It’s easy to control the thickness of the line and it’s possible to get a very thin line with this pen. The liner dries quickly and does not flake or smudge.

Now, the faults. There isn’t anything majorly wrong with it. You will need to probably go over the first line to make it darker. Also, this formula isn’t great with oily lids. If you suffer from oily eyelids you will need to use a primer that will create a nice matte canvas for the liner to adhere to or else it will travel. My lids are oily by the end of the day but I found that using a primer underneath kept the liner in place, looking good until I wanted to remove it. Honestly though, for $3  I don’t mind having to apply primer first besides I do that almost daily anyhow!

Here is a swatch. I drew the line and then went over it with a second swipe.

Not bad, right? For $3 it’s not a bad everyday liner.