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First post!

Hello there!

This is my first post on here. Yes, this is yet another beauty blog and we all know the web is saturated with them.

I remember thinking when I first came across Beauty Blogs I immediately thought “I could do this!” “I WANT to do this!!” But then I read on, found many well-written blogs focusing on beauty that reviewed so many products I began wondering how I could possibly add anything to all this and “Maybe I should leave well enough alone.” So I gave up on the idea and just read my faves everyday and lusted after products as usual, spent any of my spare money at Sephora and Indie Mineral companies.

Recently I made my first ever beauty-related post on facebook, gushing about how an order of makeup arrived and didn’t expect any comments. I didn’t end up with 50 comments or anything, I had just one. My friend was as excited as I was and wanted me to swatch my order for her. She was really psyched and wanted to place an order too because we really do like the same stuff. That made me happy because I introduced her to a good mineral company that is NOT a re-packager, which gets them business, and she was excited to get new makeup and have something new to play with.

That’s when the beauty blog idea starting tickling my brain again. I figured maybe I should do it, If it’s something I want so badly. If even a few people read it and it helps them in any way, say, by reading a review that could save them money, by helping my favorite businesses by gaining them even just a couple new customers, and by helping people who have similar style to mine find a beauty blog that is directed towards them. That can’t be bad, right?

By similar style, I mean people who are creative with their looks. People who like to express themselves through their clothing, hair and makeup. People who think facial piercings are hot and who can appreciate the Rocker-chic aesthetic. Or the rockabilly, punk, goth, hipster, geek, metal, glam, cyber, & so on &  on….

I may not be the best writer in the world but I will strive to make my posts as easy to read as possible with proper grammar and whatnot.  I will try not to make you wince while perusing my ramblings, at least not at my spelling skillz. Just try to bear with me when I don’t get it right.

My loose plans for this thing are to write articles, reviews which will cover high-end products, drug-store, mineral/indie, and will denote when products are bright or dramatic enough to work in a goth or “extreme” look. I don’t want this blog to only appeal to one kind of person. I want anyone with a passion for alternative fashion and makeup to enjoy this blog.

Please enjoy, and pass it on to anyone else whom you think might enjoy it, then you can all leave me comments and give me some feedback as to the direction of my blog, recommend things to review and let me know if  I’m butchering the english language.