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If I Could Swap This for That…

These three things are recent purchases that didn’t work out for me. I found myself griping about the money spent on them and what a waste it was & what I should have spent it on instead so I decided to post about exactly that!

Benefit Realness Of Concealness Kit-$36 at Sephora. The kit includes mini-sizes of Ooh-La-Lift, High Beam,& Lip Plump in little tubes like gloss with doe-foot wands. It also includes a small serving of both Lemon-Aid and Boi-Ing. I gave the Ooh-La-Lift to my mother as I don’t need it and she didn’t care for it. The Lip Plump looks so incredibly NASTY on my lips- it’s a beige color that looks so insanely horrible on that even if it plumped, which it doesn’t appear to at all, I wouldn’t be caught dead in it.I think on slightly darker lips it would work like lip concealer though.  The High Beam isn’t a complete miss- it looks pretty dotted on my cupids bow and on my cheekbones over matte blush but is too white and shimmery for an all-over highlighter. Lemon-Aid is amazing- I use it under my eyes and on my lids when I skip shadow and it cancels out redness, fights my dark circles and mattifies. I have a full-size Boi-Ing that I’m halfway through and I love that stuff but the shade included in this is way too dark for me. So essentially I only use the Lemon-Aid and occasionally the highlighter. Fail!

Mini JLO Glow-$12-Walgreen’s- I used to have a normal size bottle of this that I purchased from a fragrance counter in a department store so it was obviously authentic.  I didn’t buy it because it was by JLo but because it smelled so amazing and pretty that I couldn’t resist. That was the only perfume I ever wore that men would ask what I was wearing and it happened a lot! In cabs, elevators, bars, stores, it was so weird! When I saw this itty-bitty bottle for so cheap I thought “score!” and snagged it only to find it smelled like it cost $12- cheap and harsh.  The packaging looked like the real thing but it must be an imitation scent from some company that does  mini versions of popular fragrances. Sadface.

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain+Balm, color “Twilight”-$8.99 at local pharmacy- I haven’t found a way to make this work. The one thing I can say for it is that it seems to last & stay put. When I applied it the first time it went on so spotty and streaky and stuck to the dry spots of my lips and highlighted every flaw- then it dried and stayed exactly where it was. Luckily I had the foresight to test it when I wasn’t getting ready to go out. I am planning to try this again after I purchase a lip scrub. I plan to exfoliate my lips and slather on lip balm and let it sink in for awhile before applying.  I also want to find a way to not use the marker tip to apply it directly- it felt like rubbing a kids magic marker on my lips and came out looking that way as well! Yuck. Here it is swatched, blurry but it shows the color well-

It’s too bad because the color is pretty!

So, If I could trade them in for other products what would they be? Instead of the concealer  kit I would purchase a full-size Lemon-Aid ($20 at Sephora.)  I would trade in the Mini Jlo scent for Depravity (love it!!) from Gloi Locks and Body on Etsy ( Price unknown while store is closed for a bit) & I would trade the Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain for a sample set of “Wicked Glosses” from Evil Shades ($10) as it is chock full of fun colors and I’m obsessed with gloss of late!

What’s the latest thing you wish you could trade in?


Multi-Tasking Lip Product Greatness

I was at Sephora recently to pick up a brush when this little pot of pretty caught my eye. It’s a berry colored stain but  it’s also from the Venom line of lip plumpers that the DuWop brand offers. I tried it on in the store and ended up getting it right then! I’ve been looking for a lip product I can put on and forget about touching up for awhile because I smoke and am constantly drinking something so lip color wears off fast. I think my lips are too pale to skip color altogether though so I was hoping this might be exactly what I needed.

When you screw the top off the little pot, you’ll see that it’s a dark reddish-berry color and it smells so delicious! I can’t pinpoint the scent but it reminds me of cinnamon and it smells clean and fresh.The smell isn’t as noticeable on the lips and didn’t bother me when drinking or eating. I got the best results using a lip brush to put it on. Now, from what I know of stains I’d say this wears more like a full-color gloss that happens to leave an even, pretty stain behind than simply using a stain. No matter how much you apply, the resulting stain will be less dramatic than when first-applied but the color will last. You can smooth on a thin layer for a lightly flushed effect or build it up  for a rich, glossy look that fades to more dramatic stain.

As far as plumping goes, that seems to be what DuWop is known for but I didn’t notice anything  super dramatic. I did notice a slight  effect though.  It lacks the intense tingling sensation that the original Venom had but  I think those of us with sensitive skin will  appreciate that!

Overall, I am impressed and I am loving this stuff!

DuWop Pure Venom in Pure Berry is made of 100% natural and 90% organic ingredients.