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Lorac Baked Matte Satin Blush “Plush” Swatch & Review

This purchase was the result of my stalking up and down the aisles in Sephora, hunting for an Apricot colored baked blush that didn’t contain a metric ton of shimmer or glitter…having no idea what an impossible task I had in front of me. I wanted something peachy but not orange, something either matte or satin/natural finish but not with chunks of glitter and it couldn’t be over $30. Ladies, I dare you to go try this for yourself. (but it has to be at my local sephora or it’s not fair, lol!)  I originally wanted to try some blushes from Benefit because I have none but I decided I wanted something more matte. I actually don’t have anything against shimmery blush, it’s just that  Meow and other mineral companies have that covered for much less money! This blush “Plush” by Lorac is from their line of  “Baked Matte Satin Blush”.  “Matte Satin”, huh? It’s not quite an oxymoron, but…it’s definitely not matte however it was the least shimmery baked blush I could get my paws on so I scooped it up and trotted home excited to test it out.

"Plush" (in light from sunlight bulb)

The blush leans more orange than apricot in the pan and as you can see, it isn’t exactly matte.  In the pan I can see the description “Satin” making sense though.  This is not a color I would normally choose- I have found that pinks, mauve, rose and berry colors look best on me because they are closest to my natural blushing color, but then again I’m not always going for natural!  😉

I noticed some difficulty when I first applied this. I had on primer (MUFE HD) and mineral powder foundation (Meow). It seemed to stick to some spots more than others which created a splotchy, streaky application. It seemed to highlight any little bump and uneven-ness in my complexion which is not flattering. It took lots of blending and fussing with it to get it looking decent but once I got it in place and looking OK (OK, not great mind you) it stayed put. There was still color on my face nine hours later although it wasn’t looking freshly applied or anything. It was noticeably there though.

Next,  I tried wearing it over tinted moisturizer( Laura Mercier Oil-Free). The application was a bit better- still spotty looking and I had to blend it almost to the point of  it disappearing to get it to look right. This is where it hit me that it was actually fairly shimmery- when you blend it out it seems more shimmer than matte or satin, as the name implies. Once again it took some fuss to get looking right. I had to add layers and blend more until things looked acceptable. This time I noticed it lasted longer- I took it off after 11 hours and there was still color there but I think I had more of the product on this time. It’s either that, or it liked the tinted moisturizer better than my mineral powder foundation.

"Plush" Swatched on my arm under sunlight bulb

Also, let me just say that this is not my color!  I like sheer apricot on my face but this is actually not sheer and seems more orange than apricot. It’s less orange on my skin than it looks in the pan but still it looked too unnatural and not flattering with my skintone.  I may have yellow undertones but I still have a lot of pink in my skin somehow plus I have redness in my cheeks.

I think this color would work best on someone with neutral, peach or olive undertones and is best on warm or neutral, rather than cool skin.  I eventually got this to look almost nice over primer and liquid foundation but it was far from flawless. If you have  uneven skin texture of any kind in the area you wear blush then I would not recommend the Lorac Baked Matte Satin Blush. Then again, if the color was closer to my skintone I do think that the flaws wouldn’t have been so obviously highlighted.  If you like the looks of them in person, I would advise playing around with them and trying them on if possible.  They might work better with other foundations so please take that into account however I am fairly certain that they do not play with well with other powder formulations. Worn over the liquid foundation (Cover Girl Nature Luxe) the color faded more evenly and looked better this time after 11 hours than it did over the tinted moisturizer.

"Plush" swatch blended out. See the bumps? I couldn't see those before the blush.

The Black Paragraph

This is not a cop-out but honestly, I don’t have much to add here. I don’t really see any way of gothing this up!

I ended up returning this. Between the color not being right for me and the fact it took so much time to get looking decent, I wasn’t feeling the love.

Lorac Baked Matte Satin Blush -“Plush”  is $24  available at Sephora


Here's one more. "Plush" sheered out. See the glitter around the edges?


Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil “Rehab”-Swatches

I just got a hold of the Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow pencil, “Rehab.” The 24/7 shadow pencils are new in Urban Decay’s Spring 2011 collection.  I wanted to get swatches up asap so this isn’t a review as I haven’t worn it yet. I already know that I want more of them though! I’m excited about these- anything to make getting ready easier and faster!

R-"Rehab" swiped once, L-Rehab lightly colored in

Top-"Rehab" swiped once & smudged,R-Swiped once, L-Lightly colored in

























The shadow sticks are very pigmented. It doesn’t take any work to get true, vibrant color. The swatches set very fast and stayed put and I mean they really, really stayed put! These things feel bulletproof. I can’t wait to see how they stand up to my oily lids. I also plan to do some comparisons between these and NYX Jumbo sticks but I can tell you now that NYX jumbo sticks are more “sticky” feeling than these. The only thing I’m worried about is sharpening this. It’s similar to the 24/7 liners in that the outside is a little thick but since these are bigger, the outside is a little thicker as well. I’ll update with how that went once I’m forced to sharpen..which i don’t look forward to because it looks all pretty and new 😉

Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencils are currently available at ($20.)

Meow Cosmetics Egyptian Treasures Swatches PT.1

LtR starting at the top-Scarab, Pharoah, Tutankhamun, Ra, Cairo, Artifact.


Taken indoors w/ no flash. This one shows the copper overtone in Artifact- for some reason the other pics didn’t pick it up much. It shows the vibrancy of  Ra better than the others too.

I recently placed my third order with Meow Cosmetics. I have been looking for a gold shadow and when I asked them for some recommendations they suggested “Ra” and a few other colors from their Egyptian Treasures collection. When I order shadows from mineral companies I usually make random selections based on what appeals to me but this time I decided to order all from one collection since this particular one was all too tempting. I like anything ancient Egypt-related plus the combination of the finish and the shades piqued my interest.

Outdoors in the sun. LtR- Scarab, Pharoah, Tutenkhamun, Ra, Cairo, Artifact. (swatched dry no primer)





Artifact is darker than I expected it to be. They recommend using it wet as an eyeliner and I can see how that’d be pretty- I look forward to trying it!

There will be two more posts of swatches from this collection coming up soon!

Fyrinnae Lip Lustres- Review & Swatches

Fyrinnae is an indie makeup company that offers unique, vibrant vegan makeup. Their eyeshadows are sold loose. They are incredibly pigmented and some of the shades are also quite complex. They also offer blush, bronzer, highlighters, lip “lustres” and a few miscellaneous helpful offerings such as Pixie Epoxy- a specially blended “primer” for their shadows and a few carefully selected and crafted powders and primers that serve a variety of clever purposes. They put a lot of work into every aspect of their business- the site, the products, the names of the shades, etc. Also, everything still costs less than most drugstore cosmetics.

The description of the Lip Lustres from the website description is as follows: “Please keep in mind that these are NOT intended to be like lipgloss. This product is a non-sticky lipcolour “stain”, leaving moisturizing colour on your lips but no goopy tackiness. These are made to be opaque, as in not transparent, though the semi-sheer shades, usually the very pale ones, are noted in the shade description. They are a relatively dry product because we pack as much colour into them as possible, but the ingredients are not drying. No silicones, no beeswax, no dyes. This means, due to the high concentration of natural butters, they are thinner in a warm environment, thicker when it’s cool. Use care when opening if they have been cold (i.e; in a mailbox in winter).

This all adds up to a lip product unlike any I’ve come across. The first two I picked up were mini-sizes which they don’t offer any longer but the full-size is still quite affordable at $4.50 for a 5.8ml tube. You don’t need to pile it on to get the color to show either, it only takes a swipe or two so a tube should last you awhile.

Most of the shades are either shimmery or metallic, some sparkle and some are fairly matte.  The shades offered are almost equally divided between wearable colors and  fun/funky ones. They weren’t kidding when they mentioned that the thickness of the formula can fluctuate- when they aren’t thin from being warm they feel thin but not watery. They feel like they would slip off but I’ve never experienced any bleeding or feathering problems despite the texture. If you do, a lip liner would fix that right up.

The shades I have now are (from Left to Right) Trickster, Ryo Pinko, Acidic Cherry, Shangri-La,Pink Guitar,Bloodstains.

Pink guitar is much more pink and less peach and bloodstains is a bit more red than it looks in this pic. The next one shows those a bit better.

LTR- Trickster, Ryo Pinko, Acidic Cherry, Shangri-La, Pink Guitar, Bloodstains.

They all go one smoothly, and can be worn alone, together or over lipstick. They will dry down to a stain and the effect becomes more noticeable with repeated applications throughout the day.  Pink Guitar has become an everyday color for me. It’s so quick and easy to swipe on when I’m rushing out the door. I was a little disappointed with the two darker shades because they didn’t apply completely even. They were a little streaky. I wanted to love Acidic Cherry because I have never seen a lip color like that but it just didn’t look right with it being so uneven and splotchy. Bloodstains wasn’t as bad as Acidic Cherry but I don’t think it looks as nice as the lighter shades- it’s a little streaky. I’ve been wearing it lightly applied over a regular lipstick and it looks good that way. I’m hoping that maybe when it thickens up in the cold weather it might look better.

Overall, I think they’re pretty great. I will  be trying more shades of the Lip Lustres. It’s incredibly rare to find something so unique in the world of makeup so you should check them out if only because of that. I’m willing to bet that once you try anything from Fyrinnae, you will be hooked!

Shopping Venemous Villains, Swatches, Thoughts

I had the opportunity to attend a launch party at MAC for the Venemous Villains collection. This is the collection inspired by Disney Villains and grouped in four mini-collections for each character.  The Villains they chose are Cruella De Vil, Dr. Facilier, The Evil Queen and Maleficent. I love the idea of this collection because it’s fun, it’s a little different and I think it’s well suited to anyone who loves a good dose of drama and darkness!

Now, I have a confession to make. I am actually pretty  new to all things MAC. I used to think they were too expensive but I’ve done a lot of experimenting with makeup and I have come to believe that you get what you pay for and I’d rather go for quality over quantity in building my makeup collection. Plus, they aren’t nearly as expensive as many other popular makeup companies. Their lipsticks average only $5 more than Drugstore lipsticks! Would you rather pay $9 for a lipstick that you can’t even open to look at, that may have a funky scent/taste  or that doesn’t last long on your lips or pay $14.50 for guaranteed quality, something you can swatch and try on in-store and that you know will be worth it?    /endrant.

I spent some time looking over swatches of this collection on Temptalia and Spektra and had pretty much made up my mind on my most-wanted items which turned out to be a good thing because the night of the event the place was mobbed and I wasn’t able to get my paws on the actual pieces. The MAC at Lakeside mall is a very small place- probably the size of our living room! Even though it was invite-only it was too crowded. They had a small area just outside the door roped off with people posing for pictures in front of giant cutouts of the characters and trying on costume pieces after having their makeup done. Inside they were circulating cupcakes, finger foods and champagne. My boyfriend ( who was dragged along last-minute b/c my friend had to work)  informed me the cupcakes were extremely yummy. They handed you a list at the door with the collection on it and you could mark down which items you wanted and hand it to the sales gals. I ended up doing that quite shortly after getting there, paying for my stuff and heading out as small, crowded spots are not something I enjoy!  I picked up Hot House lipglass ( which I’ve wanted for awhile!) French Quarter greasepaint stick and Vainglorious Eyeshadow. Thanks to the online swatches I knew what I was getting but unfortunately I ended up with one little disppointment anyhow. Vainglorious e/s looks amazing in the pot but loses it’s color and finish when swatched.

This is the swatch to show you Vainglorious. They are left to right- Hot House, French Quarter Greasepaint stick and Vainglorious Eye Shadow, all outside in sunlight just to show the color best but not the finish. Vainglorious came out looking terrible in these swatches and more brown than burgundy however it doesn’t look as nice when swatched as it does in the pan. It’s looks quite different to me and not nearly as pretty as I thought it would be :/

LtoR- Hot House Lipglass, French Quarter Greasepaint Stick &Vainglorious Eyeshadow.Now, this shows how gorgeous Hot House and French Quarter really look! Aren’t they amazing?  I have never used either product in any color before so I was curious and now impressed. The lipglass is sparkly, it’s a nice color that offers the coverage of a lipstick  but can be put on lightly for a flattering, Shimmery Raspberry color. It really sticks to lips so I think it would stay on for awhile. The Greasepaint stick would work as a liner, a smoky eye, a cut crease or a base for other shadows. Vainglorious will be good for a smoky eye too, I think. I plan to try it over primer and hope that helps. Even though it’s a little disappointing it’s still unlike any shadow I own so I will find a use for it.

The collection will be available at MAC starting Thursday, Sept. 30th.  I recommend checking it out. If you do, please  tell me what you got or what caught your eye!

My Small-but-Expanding Blush Collection and Why Blush Rocks!

I have only recently started regularly wearing blush. I naturally have a pink tint to my skin and my cheeks are very red without any help. Putting blush on should theoretically help draw away the attention but instead all I saw was more redness and it seemed crazy to me to play that up. Once I found a skin regimen that worked for me and makeup that I could wear enough of to conceal the redness without looking piled on I started to take an interest in all things pink, shimmery and living in pans. Blush rocks because it pulls your look together. It can give you a healthy flush or when worn in shades of dark purple, give you an undead sort of appeal. It can sculpt a face and create cheekbones where none seem to exist. Plus- it’s fun!

LTR-Top row-Signature Club A Ultra Creamy Color in #2MED.,Fyrinnae Glow Blush in Spellbound,Clinique Iced Lotus,Too Faced unlabeled color from Glamour to Go palette #3, Wet N Wild Silk Finish Blush (name worn off)

Bottom row is the two colors from Sebastian Trucco Cream Blush Duo in Desert Rose. Ignore the little red circle, it’s a burn- I’m such a klutz!

These are my Favorites so far, I love Fyrinnae and Clinique’s the best of all. The highlighter from the Sebastian Trucco duo is nice too but I haven’t got the hang of applying the darker blush color lightly yet.

Since it appears Pink is my comfort zone here I ordered some non-pink samples from Meow and am so psyched that they are on their way. I will definitely be swatching and posting those after I get them. Yay!

Here’s a close-up of the first three where my extra-favorites are.

LTR- Signature Club A #2Med, Fryinnae Glow Blush in Spellbound <3, & Clinique Iced Lotus ❤

I think getting out of your comfort zone is important. I got out of mine by simply wearing blush and now I’m getting out of it again by trying it in shades other than pink. Try wearing something that you like but aren’t sure you can pull off. I think because we stare at our own faces so much that anything very different is automatically registered as bad or too extreme and others probably don’t see that at all. Try something on and don’t wipe it off immediately if you think it’s too bright- see if you don’t end up loving it.

Swatch Time! High Voltage & A Morgana Lippie

I want to start posting more swatches, I’m just trying to get better at taking accurate pics of them. These are from when I first got my High Voltage sample pack and I was actually thinking of doing this while it was still light out so I took them in sunlight rather than in my kitchen or something. They still aren’t great, you can’t see the shimmer in some- like cloud 9 in this pic looks flat but it’s super glittery!

LTR-Roadie, Secrets & Lies, Electric Gypsy, Cloud 9, Crazy Crazy Nights

Here’s the last four closer up- You can see the glittery Cloud 9 a little better.

Below is Morgana Minerals Vegan Lipstick in Blueberry. It’s cropped super close because I was having an awful skin day and it may seem blurry but it is still an accurate depiction of the color.

Just as dark as black but not as cliche!  Haha. If you like the way black looks but are afraid of looking like a mall gawth, this may be your answer.

I just ordered foundation, concealer and blush samples from Meow Cosmetics. I’ll be posting a review once I get to test-drive them enough. Fun!