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Just for Fun!

I’ve combined bits from a few different beauty-related memes to post on here in hopes some of you will fill it out too and post your replies in the comments. If you just want to do half of it or something, that’s cool. I think these things are fun to fill out and I’d love to see your answers!

What’s your favourite beauty store? Sephora or FiFi Mahoney’s in the French Quarter

When did you start wearing makeup? I started wearing eyeliner in seventh grade. I started wearing other stuff regularly in high school. I became very nearly obsessed in my 20’s. About now I’m ready for an anonymous support group!

What or who influenced you makeup identity? This is a good one. When I was a teenager I dyed my hair red and spent hours trying to get my eye makeup to look like Shirley Manson’s. Now my influence doesn’t come from one specific person or place- more like a mixture of  sparkly glam-rocker meets girly kinder-whore plus goth. Or something. 😉

Favorite Budget brand? Right now- Milani.  Rimmel and Revlon are up there too.

Favorite Premium brands? This is SO hard. If I could only have one it’d be Urban Decay.

What is your favorite makeup “trick’? Instead of setting liquid foundation with setting powder, I use mineral foundation for extra coverage and it looks better longer.

What Five beauty products could you not live without? (I can’t get this to un-bold!)  Urban Decay 24/7  black eyeliner pencil, Tinted Moisturizer, Mineral Powder Foundation, My Too Faced “Box of Pink Chocolates” lip gloss palette, and the Pop Beauty Dark Brown shadow I use on my brows.

Woman I Admire for her Beauty: Megan Fox

Do you leave the house without makeup? Honestly not without some. Even if I’m just running to Walgreen’s I put up my hair or put a scarf over it and I will do my eyebrows, pat on powder to de-shine and dab on a colored gloss. It takes so little time and makes me feel  much more confident.

Favorite Fashion Publication: Nylon.