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A WIN on my Black liner quest!


OKAY, I apologize if you are starting to think my entire blog is reviews on black eyeliners. It really isn’t, I swear! I think this is one of the last for the time being.

Now, I don’t know why I haven’t just stuck with cream liners since the first one I tried.Cream and gel liners give the sharp look of liquid with no mess. They are so easy to work with,Truly foolproof! My mother purchased me a Smashbox black cream liner when they were newly available to the masses. I absolutely loved it and was quite sad when it ran out. This place was somehow barren of Sephora and buying another online didn’t even occur to me as I wasn’t as makeup obsessed then.

I picked up a HIP cream liner along the way but never used it. I got the Smashbox Cream Liner Palette and wasn’t as impressed with the product as I remember- perhaps the tiny amount in the palette wasn’t exactly right for some reason? I don’t know but I had almost forgotten the pure bliss of a good cream/gel liner formula. Then- it’s like the heavens parted  when I first tried out my new liner that I purchased on impulse. Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in blackest black is pretty freakin’ good. It may even be great.

It lasts all day. I tried sans primer and still had great results! Without primer it still looked good after ten hours. With, It survived a splash of water to the face (9 hrs after application) without smudging even a little. It still looked perfect untilI removed it 14 hours  after applying it! It is easily swiped off with proper remover though.  It feels and looks oh-so-nice. The little brush that comes with it actually works well for the job. Also,I swatched a couple shadows over it on my arm last night and I loved the effect! I am just exploring the possibilities of colored bases. The swatches stayed put through sleeping all night! They were a little muddled looking because of getting rubbed up against constantly but not very faded. They wouldn’t be going through that on my eye but lids are different and more oily than an arm obviously. I don’t have pics of those at the moment, sorry bout that!

Here it is on my hand, I swiped it and then went over it once more  but even a single coat is black enough!

The second pic is Jordana’s black pencil liner compared to Lasting Drama gel, just to put it in perspective.

Jordana pencil vs. Maybelline gel

Bottom line is that it’s a great product, good value and gel/cream liners are nice  in general!