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Fyrinnae Lip Lustres- Review & Swatches

Fyrinnae is an indie makeup company that offers unique, vibrant vegan makeup. Their eyeshadows are sold loose. They are incredibly pigmented and some of the shades are also quite complex. They also offer blush, bronzer, highlighters, lip “lustres” and a few miscellaneous helpful offerings such as Pixie Epoxy- a specially blended “primer” for their shadows and a few carefully selected and crafted powders and primers that serve a variety of clever purposes. They put a lot of work into every aspect of their business- the site, the products, the names of the shades, etc. Also, everything still costs less than most drugstore cosmetics.

The description of the Lip Lustres from the website description is as follows: “Please keep in mind that these are NOT intended to be like lipgloss. This product is a non-sticky lipcolour “stain”, leaving moisturizing colour on your lips but no goopy tackiness. These are made to be opaque, as in not transparent, though the semi-sheer shades, usually the very pale ones, are noted in the shade description. They are a relatively dry product because we pack as much colour into them as possible, but the ingredients are not drying. No silicones, no beeswax, no dyes. This means, due to the high concentration of natural butters, they are thinner in a warm environment, thicker when it’s cool. Use care when opening if they have been cold (i.e; in a mailbox in winter).

This all adds up to a lip product unlike any I’ve come across. The first two I picked up were mini-sizes which they don’t offer any longer but the full-size is still quite affordable at $4.50 for a 5.8ml tube. You don’t need to pile it on to get the color to show either, it only takes a swipe or two so a tube should last you awhile.

Most of the shades are either shimmery or metallic, some sparkle and some are fairly matte.  The shades offered are almost equally divided between wearable colors and  fun/funky ones. They weren’t kidding when they mentioned that the thickness of the formula can fluctuate- when they aren’t thin from being warm they feel thin but not watery. They feel like they would slip off but I’ve never experienced any bleeding or feathering problems despite the texture. If you do, a lip liner would fix that right up.

The shades I have now are (from Left to Right) Trickster, Ryo Pinko, Acidic Cherry, Shangri-La,Pink Guitar,Bloodstains.

Pink guitar is much more pink and less peach and bloodstains is a bit more red than it looks in this pic. The next one shows those a bit better.

LTR- Trickster, Ryo Pinko, Acidic Cherry, Shangri-La, Pink Guitar, Bloodstains.

They all go one smoothly, and can be worn alone, together or over lipstick. They will dry down to a stain and the effect becomes more noticeable with repeated applications throughout the day.  Pink Guitar has become an everyday color for me. It’s so quick and easy to swipe on when I’m rushing out the door. I was a little disappointed with the two darker shades because they didn’t apply completely even. They were a little streaky. I wanted to love Acidic Cherry because I have never seen a lip color like that but it just didn’t look right with it being so uneven and splotchy. Bloodstains wasn’t as bad as Acidic Cherry but I don’t think it looks as nice as the lighter shades- it’s a little streaky. I’ve been wearing it lightly applied over a regular lipstick and it looks good that way. I’m hoping that maybe when it thickens up in the cold weather it might look better.

Overall, I think they’re pretty great. I will  be trying more shades of the Lip Lustres. It’s incredibly rare to find something so unique in the world of makeup so you should check them out if only because of that. I’m willing to bet that once you try anything from Fyrinnae, you will be hooked!


Fall’s Most Goth-Friendly Beauty Trends

I don’t think I looked forward to fall quite as much before I moved to Louisiana. Instead of it meaning that snow will be falling eventually, it now means that I when I put effort into my appearance that it isn’t all for naught. No matter the amount of priming and prepping I undertake, August in New Orleans will make me sweat it all off! It gets to the point where it’s just NOT worth fussing with. So, I’ve been spending more time than is probably healthy daydreaming of what makeup looks I will play with once the weather makes it possible. Luckily, fall trends are  kind to us black-clad citizens, much kinder than summer. I personally start to lose hope after wading through a whole season’s worth of bronzers and pastels and just when I’m ready to give up, here come vampy lip colors and dark nail varnishes and I feel like it’s a breath of fresh, stylish air has come to me! Luckily, there’s lots of things to get excited about in the beauty-sphere this season.

Not that the red lip has ever gone out of style but this fall it’s truly everywhere. There are some really amazing new spins on it though!  Check out Kat Von D’s Painted love lipstick inAdora a sexy metallic shade of red.  If you’ve never rocked red or you tried it out but think it looked weird, try these tips; If you are super pale, or blond, or you know that your complexion is cool-toned, try a blue-based red. If you know you look washed-out easily, try a warmer red and avoid brown undertone.  If you have deep brown hair, try more of a tangerine hue. If you’re a redhead or think it’s all too much for you, try a red gloss. If you’re still feeling shy, try a sheer tinted balm such as HIP’s jelly balm.

Purple!  The latest Sephora catalog came with a gorgeous cover-model wearing loads of it. Purple shadow, liner, mascara, blush and the most striking deep purple metallic lipcolor.  Not many people can pull of such an abundance of  the same color though, even when it’s as divine as purple is! I suggest trying a purple lipstick, especially if you’re brunette. If you have small lips or dark colors don’t look good on them try a metallic or dark purple liner on your upper lids. Dark Purple toned blushes look best on darker skin unless they are light and shimmery, then it’s flattering across the board. Try a smoky eye in shades of purple for something that’s simply pretty. One of the most striking purple eye looks I’ve seen was in a mainstream fashion mag. The model had on a grayish-lavender shimmery shadow with a little dark purple in the creases and gray liner. She had blue eyes and pale skin and it all just looked so ethereal.

Rocker-chic  inspired makeup palettes, nail polishes, etc. are popping up all over the place. This can only be good for those of us who tend towards rocking out 365/yr, right?  Urban Decay is coming out with the “Black Palette” , six blackened shades for your glam-ness. Sinful Colors nail polish (available at Walgreens) has come out with a collection of black-based shades that make your usual black polish look positively boring. Sephora also has a rocker themed collection of nail polishes currently.

I’ve noticed all kinds of  interesting  eye liners popping up as well. Mac’s new Superslick liquid liners look amazing! I have yet to get my paws on any but swatches abound on the nettubes. Make Up For Ever released a new set of their aqua eyes liners in metallic shades. Urban Decay’s cult 24/7 liner pencils are now available in a set that retails for $39 and includes a full-size Zero (black) liner that costs almost half that price on it’s own. One trick i like to use with the 24/7 liners is when I’m real short on time I will use a little black on my upper lash line and then smudge one of these in a fun color on my lower lash line-fast and foolproof way to get a pop of color!

The most important reason yet to wish for fall, beyond mere colors of makeup or the insanely high temperature in NOLA, I know is… Heeled, high, sexy, BOOTS! What I am lusting after in particular is a non-hooker-ish, supple over the knee-version. I can’t find the image I have in my mind that I saw some-freakin-place but it’s of a pair with a low heel that are slouchy and flair up, ending just above the knee. I will find them.  😉

Deliciously Dark Makeup To Be Excited About!

I see that a lot of people reach my blog through search terms like “Goth Cosmetics.”  For all you gothic-ly inclined there are definitely some things to get excited about in the realm of makeup.  Between a killer sale, a new darkly delicious makeup collection and some tweaking of fall makeup trends, there’s lots to make our black hearts get all a-flutter!

First off, thank you to Muse for posting about this wonderful steal! All the Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes except the newest one, “Adora”,  are on sale. They were well worth the original price tag (IMO) of $36 but they are now $24.  If you don’t know of the KatVonD palettes, then this is a great way to get introduced! If you notice makeup then you’ve probably noticed how she is always rocking some seriously fierce eye makeup. The palettes can easily let you replicate her type of eye makeup but they are pretty versatile with lighter & brighter colors amongst all the dark and mysterious shades. The shadows are smooth and apply easily, they are super pigmented & true to color and because so many of the shades are dark and meant for smoky looks they are perfect for goth makeup looks.  Use the code V436CB upon checking out to increase the discount and bring the price down even further to $21.60. These palettes are available exclusively at Sephora.

The  limited edition collection being released September 30th from M.A.C is based on various villains from Disney tales. Is your dark little heart going pitter-patter yet?  The collection is broken up into mini-collections consisting of eye, lip, and face colors inspired by that particular character. The characters featured are Cruella De Vil, the Evil Queen from Snow White, Maleficent, and Dr. Facilier. I’ve been foaming at the mouth for this collection to come out. There are already pictures and swatches of the collection available online on sites such as Temptalia < and I can’t wait to get my greedy little paws on it! I may have something special to share concerning this collection but I won’t know until the week before it’s out.

There’s a lot of interesting looking releases and some fall makeup trends that I want to talk about but that’s for the other half of this post -coming soon!

Current Favorite Products and Makeup Lust!

I was just crossing a few things off and adding more things on to my makeup most wanted list. This list could be very,very lengthy but I keep it to only the things I have some need for and may actually purchase.  I’ve noticed when other people make wishlist-type posts their list is so chock-full of the newest and most hyped-up releases that I wonder if it’s all what they may go buy or if the list if just for show?  Maybe they are just more in tune with trends than I am or something. That said, here is my small list of things I truly want. Now, what’s on YOUR list?

1) Too Faced Lip insurance lip primer- I was skeptical about whether a lip primer was really necessary but supposedly it really does prolong wear without drying lips like crazy. It’s supposed to work great with gloss too.

2) Pretty much every pressed eyeshadow from Sugarpill. I want all her pressed colors besides the black because I have multiple black shadows.  My first purchases would be the Burning Heart quad, the blue shade “Afterparty” and the minty green, “Midori.” The colors in that quad are the exact colors that I do not own and have been wanting even before she came out with it.  Want, want want!!

3) TokiDoki Perfetto eyeliner pen, black!

4) Fyrinnae lip lustres in Deceptive innocence, Lollipop-Pop and Bare Shoulders.

5) Some NYX Jumbo Pencils.

And that’s all, folks!  See? I’m not out of control when it comes to shopping. I’m not asking too much. Or maybe I am, considering I’m broke..?  😉

As for the products I own that I am loving to death and using daily-

1) L’oreal lipstick in “Sea Fleur” and “Make me Blush.”  Make me Blush is the perfect my-lips-but-better shade and Sea Fleur is a pretty shimmery purple that is just perfect with my complexion and my purple-y bangs.

2) Fyrinnae Glow Blush in “Spellbound.”  The perfect pink blush which can be applied very lightly with a fan brush for a nice natural look.

3) Boi-ing concealer. This stuff will cover even my horrendously dark under-eye circles.

4) Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara. Really great mascara for such a low price.

5) Urban Decay 24/7 liners. I put them on my waterline and smudge it up a bit with a small stuff brush before lining my top lids with liquid liner.

And last but not least, the one  cosmetic product I use daily without fail is primers. I use UDPP on my lids and Make-Up-For-Ever HD primer on my face. Something that isn’t makeup but that I’ve been depending on is my HerStyler Flat Iron. I got my hair cut a few days ago and the style works best straight. My hair is naturally curly so I needed a really good tool to make it work. I am looking for a good straightening product to use after the shower and before drying to help keep it smooth, if anyone has suggestions I would appreciate them.

I also want to know what you use daily and what is on your wishlist! Please?

Swatch Time! High Voltage & A Morgana Lippie

I want to start posting more swatches, I’m just trying to get better at taking accurate pics of them. These are from when I first got my High Voltage sample pack and I was actually thinking of doing this while it was still light out so I took them in sunlight rather than in my kitchen or something. They still aren’t great, you can’t see the shimmer in some- like cloud 9 in this pic looks flat but it’s super glittery!

LTR-Roadie, Secrets & Lies, Electric Gypsy, Cloud 9, Crazy Crazy Nights

Here’s the last four closer up- You can see the glittery Cloud 9 a little better.

Below is Morgana Minerals Vegan Lipstick in Blueberry. It’s cropped super close because I was having an awful skin day and it may seem blurry but it is still an accurate depiction of the color.

Just as dark as black but not as cliche!  Haha. If you like the way black looks but are afraid of looking like a mall gawth, this may be your answer.

I just ordered foundation, concealer and blush samples from Meow Cosmetics. I’ll be posting a review once I get to test-drive them enough. Fun!

The Best Goth-friendly cosmetics Part Deux- Indie Companies (& cyber,loli,punk etc)

There are a lot of indie makeup companies out there nowadays. Because of sites such as TKB trading, pretty much anybody can whip up their own products and set up an “online company.”  Most of the indie companies flooding the net are selling mineral-based products. This is usually for one of two reasons and the first is the one you have to watch out for; someone is looking to make a quick profit buying straight mica from a wholesaler, putting it in their own packaging and selling it as an original product at a much higher cost. The other reason is usually something along the lines of someone who is a makeup lover themselves and they want to provide all natural, safe and original makeup.  These companies provide makeup that is often vegan and free of all sorts of ingredients we are better off not putting on our skin. Many offer inexpensive samples which I think is awesome and makes me much more confident ordering makeup off the internet in general, no matter the company.

It’s good to do a little homework before purchasing from an indie internet company’s site. There are other sites that go into this much more in-depth and explain things much more clearly than I can, many of which are in my blogroll (and two mentioned at the end of this article)  Here I would like to list indie companies I trust that make awesome goth-friendly makeup.

On to the pretties!

Morgana Minerals~Best.Lipstick.Ever! It is a vegan formula and it is so vibrant and long-lasting. Her color selection leans towards dark and daring with black, silver, blues, dark purples, etc. She offers some more wearable shades but I wish she had even more of the tamer colors because with a formula this nice I want one in EVERY color! I just ordered a full-size of her amazing foundation in pale C. It looks ghostly on the site but is actually perfect for us paler-than-the-palest-drugstore-shade gals.  Even better, it doesn’t melt or sweat off in the summer heat! She has a nice variety of eye shadows and glitters, as well as brushes.  She also offers Manic Panic and Jerome Russel hair dyes at lower prices than most stores.

Fyrinnae– They offer an extremely wide array of loose eyeshadows and many can also be used anywhere else you are inclined to decorate. The quality and innovation of their product line has me smitten! Pixie Epoxy is something all sparkle-fiends must have in their arsenal as it is worn over primer to help glitter and glitter-packed shadows adhere to skin and look super vibrant.  Also, their lip lustres (liquid lipcolors )come in lots of fun funky shades and enough wearable everyday shades to cover any occasion. They go on with a wand like a gloss but  dry down and end up fading to a stain. Their loose blush, highlighter and bronzers are worth trying.  All their products are vegan.

High Voltage– Rock N’ Roll themed Mineral Makeup line. Some of the most wearable eye shades I’ve tried. They offer a wide range of matte shadows as well as shimmery and dramatic colors. Samples are just $1.  All the shadows are vegan. They also offer lip stuff in lots of fun colors and wonderful formulations.

Sugarpill-This company is quite different from the others on this list but equally amazing. It is not advertised as mineral-based, they only offer a limited selection of eye makeup, both loose and pressed. Their colors are also different in that they are basically primary colors for your peepers. The red isn’t a dark pink, it’s stoplight red. Same with the pressed yellow & orange, two other colors that are always diluted to be mass-marketable.The pressed colors are pigment rich and not for the faint of heart! Until Sugarpill, if you wanted colors this bold you had to compromise on quality by buying from the type of line offered at Hot Topic.  The loose colors are truly beautiful and some may find them more wearable than their pressed sisters. The quality of the product and the fab packaging score points too!

Evil Shades– A goth-centric Mineral Makeup company. 15 eye samples are available for $10, which is less than one eyeshadow from a department store and possibly more in line with your style! Blushes, glosses and lipsticks are also available. They have unique lipstick shades but their uniquely hued glosses have found their way into my regular makeup rotation, especially “Deadly.” It’s a gorgeous deep plum that makes my lips look dark and luscious.

These are just a sampling of companies out there that are considered small businesses and make original and goth-friendly products. If you want to know more about repackaging or companies you can trust please  check out   Fresco Phyrra’s blog and  Le Gothique

Happy hunting for pretty things that suit your dark desires!

Hair dying tips for funky colours

I just finished putting some pink and purple streaks in my hair and thought making a post of tips for dying your hair funky colours would be fun!

Before you start make sure you have plenty of gloves and wrap the bottle in saran wrap if you plan on only using part of it (so when storing it and reaching for it you don’t get dye everyplace.) Put petroleum jelly around the hairline and you may want to pick up dye-removing cloths for the skin at a beauty supply to wipe off mistakes on your ears, neck or shoulders! (acne wipes work too)

1) If you are using a dye such as Manic Panic or Special Effects the dye will transfer to surfaces like towels and pillowcases, without exception! This means if you care about the ones you have  buy a spare specifically for this purpose. Especially if you are a teen doing this without parent’s permission and you’re worried about their reaction. Buying a dark colored towel and a pillowcase to ruin will lessen the tirade. Also protecting any and every surface within reach while you are applying the color is important. Laying newspapers out on the floor, using paper towels to cover the sink and surface areas….you get the idea, right? I know it takes time and is annoying to clean but it’s better than ruining the floor or having to re-paint before you move because of dying your hair.

2) Possibly an extension of above but don’t apply the color in big gobs or it will drop or end up on the walls. Apply a small amount at a time and using a tint brush available from a beauty supply store will help! Use the brush and then massage the color in with your fingers. It has to be really wet but just short of dripping.

3) If you are using more than one color, consider picking up the following things to make it easier- A highlighting cap,highlighting foils, rattail comb and a comb with a small hook on the end for picking up strands of hair out of the cap. You can find kits with all these together at Sally’s.

4) If you are doing streaks and want them to look evenly placed you can use this method- Divide your hair into three sections, one for each side and one for the back. Take a rattail comb and hold it parallel to your part at the scalp. Starting at the end of one of the sections, weave the metal tail up and down through the top of your hair, only going a fraction of an inch down or up. When you reach the other end of the section pick up the top layer of hair from the comb- Those sections are the ones you color. You can take them and brush the color on them all at once, with a foil under the section and fold the foil up to your scalp so it stays in place. You can do this all over your head, from the scalp to nape of each section or just with a few spots,also you can alter the amount of streaks by weaving through more or less times. I don’t know if I described that clearly enough but if you have any questions, ask away!

5) Use a very small brush around the hairline like a toothbrush or one of those lash or eyebrow combs for cosmetics.

6)Get a color-protecting shampoo & conditioner. Also using a leave-in conditioner will help keep your hair from feeling brittle and breaking.

7) Rinse your hair in cold water, as cold as you can stand- this will help keep the color in longer.

8 ) With these dyes you can leave them on longer than the 30 minutes stated on the bottle. They do not contain peroxide and leaving them on for 2 hours isn’t  much worse than 20 minutes when it comes to damage. Put a plastic bag over your head and clip the ends together so it stays put. Then blow dry your head with it on a low setting. You don’t want to dry it because when it’s dry it stops working. You just want to heat up the inside of the bag so the humidity and warmth open the hair follicle, allowing the color to deposit more effectively.

9) Random Fact- Red pigments fall out of the hair follicle more quickly than any other color. If you are going red be prepared to take care of it and re-dye more often.

10) If you can afford it, go to a salon. Especially if you need to bleach all of your hair before you dye. I bleached my own for the streaks and I had to do it two times just to get it light enough. I would never do my whole head (again) It’s such a pain, however, since you are just dying over it then little mistakes don’t matter as much as if you were staying blonde. For the cost of getting all the supplies to bleach a whole head and dye it a fun color(s) you could probably just get it bleached at a cheap salon and dye over it yourself at home.

That’s about it I think. All I can think of for now! I hope there’s at least one tip in there that may be something new for somebody. Also for upcoming posts I’m planning on some Fyrinnae swatches including wearing the lip lustres .