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A call for assistance!

Hey, my amazing readers! There aren’t a whole lot of you, I know, but I’m pleased there are even a few!  I am having a little problem though and explaining it is going to make me sound a little daft.

I really need to  know ways to make it easier for YOU to follow this blog if you choose to do so. I’ve tried rustling up the info for myself but I haven’t gotten anywhere yet. I do not understand RSS. How do I make my page available on an RSS feed?I would like to know how to make my blog able to be followed through it’s home page and through sites like Blog Lovin’.I don’t know what I’m talking about enough to know what questions to ask. I was wondering if some of these features are built in with a site other than WordPress? If anyone can tell me how to do any single thing or if someone can give me a rundown of features I should have and point me towards tutorials I would appreciate it so much.