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Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil “Rehab”-Swatches

I just got a hold of the Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow pencil, “Rehab.” The 24/7 shadow pencils are new in Urban Decay’s Spring 2011 collection.  I wanted to get swatches up asap so this isn’t a review as I haven’t worn it yet. I already know that I want more of them though! I’m excited about these- anything to make getting ready easier and faster!

R-"Rehab" swiped once, L-Rehab lightly colored in

Top-"Rehab" swiped once & smudged,R-Swiped once, L-Lightly colored in

























The shadow sticks are very pigmented. It doesn’t take any work to get true, vibrant color. The swatches set very fast and stayed put and I mean they really, really stayed put! These things feel bulletproof. I can’t wait to see how they stand up to my oily lids. I also plan to do some comparisons between these and NYX Jumbo sticks but I can tell you now that NYX jumbo sticks are more “sticky” feeling than these. The only thing I’m worried about is sharpening this. It’s similar to the 24/7 liners in that the outside is a little thick but since these are bigger, the outside is a little thicker as well. I’ll update with how that went once I’m forced to sharpen..which i don’t look forward to because it looks all pretty and new 😉

Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencils are currently available at ($20.)


Meow Cosmetics Egyptian Treasures Swatches PT.1

LtR starting at the top-Scarab, Pharoah, Tutankhamun, Ra, Cairo, Artifact.


Taken indoors w/ no flash. This one shows the copper overtone in Artifact- for some reason the other pics didn’t pick it up much. It shows the vibrancy of  Ra better than the others too.

I recently placed my third order with Meow Cosmetics. I have been looking for a gold shadow and when I asked them for some recommendations they suggested “Ra” and a few other colors from their Egyptian Treasures collection. When I order shadows from mineral companies I usually make random selections based on what appeals to me but this time I decided to order all from one collection since this particular one was all too tempting. I like anything ancient Egypt-related plus the combination of the finish and the shades piqued my interest.

Outdoors in the sun. LtR- Scarab, Pharoah, Tutenkhamun, Ra, Cairo, Artifact. (swatched dry no primer)





Artifact is darker than I expected it to be. They recommend using it wet as an eyeliner and I can see how that’d be pretty- I look forward to trying it!

There will be two more posts of swatches from this collection coming up soon!

Swatches and thoughts-Morgana Minerals

I received my first order from Morgana Minerals today!! I didn’t take pics of everything yet, but I got some of her vegan lipstick samples, hair dye, stackable mini jars, white stage makeup and two foundation samples. The reason I jumped on here immediately after my order came was not because of any of that, it was the eyeshadow. Specifically one particular color.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I am not stranger to the awesomeness that is mineral eyeshadow. I have about 20 Fyrinnae eyeshadows and exactly 20 samples from High Voltage. I love them all.  I guess I’m like a polygamous husband in that way. So let me introduce you to my newest love!

Please ignore my nasty scarred hands, I couldn’t crop the picture. I’m going to install some decent picture editing software soon, i promise!

Burgundy Rose!  I could write poetry about this color, I love it that much. It’s a beautiful shimmery burgundy with some brown. The picture makes it look very brown but it’s actually more purple. The pic below shows it more true to color.

Here are all four eyeshadow samples I got.

L Tto R the colors are-Warped,Burgundy Rose,Twinkling Cherrine,Marooned

Warped and Burgundy Rose are very shimmery, Twinkling Cherrine has sparkles but is almost like a matte with glitter particles, and Marooned is just like Twinkling Cherrine in the sparkle department.

My only problem so far with these is that two of the samples were generous and two seemed small. I put one of the larger samples in a jar next to the smaller one and the difference is very noticeable. I’m pretty sure one is a freebie but it’s not labeled as a free sample. I guess I’m spoiled because Fyrinnae labels theirs “Free Sample” right on the jar. Also, if only one is a free sample then why are two of them so small? Maybe she was just extra generous with two of them and the smaller ones are the normal sample size? Oh well, enough speculating I just figured it was worth mentioning.

Her prices are very reasonable. She sells Jerome Russel Punky Colours hair dye for 6.00 per jar. Lipstick Samples are $.50 & full sizes are 10.00. They are vegan formulations!! I’ll pay extra to know something isn’t tested on animals and to get something totally vegan is even better. It’s tough to find lip products with no animal products anyway. She offers an amazing range of colors too. I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet but when I do, I’ll share my thoughts! She has multiple size choices for eye colors,samples are $1, 5gr jars are $5, there are also larger jars and refill bags. She offers mineral primers, foundations and veils (even shades for us ghostly complected gals)  glitter eyeliner pencils, and other neat stuff that you’ll just have to check it out yourself!!

I placed my order on April 16th. It arrived today, May 03.  Shipping times were stated on the site when I placed my order.

I can’t say for sure I recommend the company yet as I haven’t worn any of the products but I like what I see so far and I only ordered after reading many positive reviews myself. It’s worth checking out and I advise you to always order samples of some things that look appealing on these mineral companies sites before shelling out full-price for anything. That’s what I’ve been doing and now I have a lot of stuff to play with, without having spent a fortune and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by more than one thing I’ve received.