Notes on…24/7 Shadow Pencil

UD shadow pencil "Rehab"

I promised a review of the 24/7 shadow pencils after the swatches I posted but I decided that some statements about the pencil I own, “Rehab” would be more concise and appropriate.

  • These don’t blend easily but they blend best immediately after application with a small stiff pencil brush
  • They blend much better without a primer underneath although worn over a primer the wear-time will be extended
  • These kick-ass on oily lids
  • They last at least eight hours on me looking neat and freshly applied without primer
  • They easily  last 10 + hours with primer
  • They do not compare to NYX pencils in that they are not a sticky base, but more like a colored primer
  • They work well alone or with powder shadows
  • They do not hold glitter any better than UD primer potion

L2R- UDSP "Rehab", UD Deluxe shadow "Underground, UDSP "Rehab"

Something I noticed is that they are all very close to existing shadow colors (ex. “Rehab Shadow Pencil” & “Underground Deluxe shadow”, “Morphine Shadow Pencil” & “Asphxia shadow”) so the best way to apply that I found,  is to create the basic shadow shape with the shadow pencil and then use the coordinating shadow around the edges and blended out since the pencils don’t blend well themselves. A great smoky eye would consist of a shadow pencil on the lid and just up to the crease with a close color in UD shadow in the crease and outer v blended out and up. If you want to get fancy, you could then place a lighter color in the inner corners and a complimentary color just on the middle of the lid to add depth. Add liner, highlight and mascara and you have a 5-minute smoky eye!

I now want to own all the colors to help me with quick eye looks and to use as awesome colored primers/bases. These are like shadow pencils infused with UDPP so they are perfection for my oily lids. They create bulletproof eye looks and I see them as my staple during a New Orleans summer.

Urban Decay Shadow Pencils,  $20

  1. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog recently. You asked me about whether I have tried tinted ones of the MUFE HD primer. Yes, I have tried 02 which is the mauve one, it is great for people with yellow undertones, it will instantly brighten your complexion.
    Hope it helps, and thank you for your comment^0^~

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