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Bound By Ink

I don’t know about you but I love magazines. I grew up with Sassy and I still enjoy reading them. Among my Favorites are “Nylon”  “Spin” and “Gothic Beauty.”

Well today while I was picking up “Allure”, I came across a new magazine that seemed quite out of place on Walgreens magazine rack.Between the cover model in a striped corset and mini-top hat and the quality of the layout it just didn’t seem on par with the generic bridal and beauty magazines. It’s called “Bound By Ink.”  It was the premier issue and the cover announces it’s focus on various lifestyles and cultures that are joined by skin art. Unlike the traditional Tatt-mag that merely showcases art and artists this magazine is devoted to the people behind the art, the wearer’s stories and the different subcultures that are associated with this art form. I tore through the gorgeous photos and well-written articles in the first issue and cannot wait for the second!

Seriously, check it out.