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Pleasant Surprise, Fashion-Wise (ha)

I am not one to be a snob about brands or where I shop. I really like mixing it up and finding pieces all over the place. I get a little thrill out of finding something amazing in the most unexpected place and when someone asks me where I got it and I fill them in they react with disbelief. Fun.Even so, I guess I’m not immune to stereotyping stores and avoiding based on what I think I know. I was surprised to come across this article in Chinashop online about a well-known extremely preppy clothing brand/store’s new fall line. Check the pic-

J CREW!  Really. We used to get their catalog at my house when I was a teenager and their clothing was just plain boring. It was the epitome of preppy style.  Yes, the colors are still pretty muted, nothing too harsh in this palette. The military accents, vintage feel, copious layers and fun accessories are a pleasant contrast to what comes to mind when I think of  this brand. Like traditional J-crew, some of the pieces are very simple and worn alone or with other J-crew style clothing they won’t look like much of anything. The genius in this is in the way things are put together and layered.

Guess which one of those outfits I really like?  If you picked anything but the second from the right you just don’t get me and I think we need to break up.

Some of the jackets and accessories may end up as additions to my wardrobe. Anybody else see anything that catches your eye?