Goth Makeup Tutorials and looks

I have some posts in the works but I wanted to share something in the meantime. I love online makeup tutorials- they are fun to try to re-create or use as a jumping  off point or inspiration. I’m going to share some of my favorites and I think I’d like to make this a regular thing.  They are both single tutorials and links to YouTube channels. I’m posting  the channels when there’s enough tutorials that fit into one category and I can’t choose a favorite.

morgueabsolue @

All of these looks are perfect inspiration for goth makeup ideas as well as for anyone who likes bold, dramatic makeup looks! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. If you find one you like and you don’t have the makeup or tools used in the video & want suggestions for alternatives then feel free to ask me, I may be able to help. Remember, if you can’t recreate them for whatever reason you can still learn a lot about placement, blending, color combination and so on. I’ve learned a lot from watching Makeup vids- My eye makeup always used to look the same even with different colors because I’d put shadows in the same place and make the same shape. I learned some new tricks from these types of vids and now I like my makeup much better. It’s always different because I’m trying new things!

*Try shadows from Sugarpill, Bloody Mary, Manic Panic for the bright matte color.

I’d love to hear what you think of the idea of  tutorial link posts that follow a theme. I want to do a volume 2 of these and then some other themes, like daytime looks, short hair styles, etc.   I have a backlog of things to review and my biggest problem right now is getting good pictures with the crappy light lately. I got some good advice on daylight bulbs from a blogger that i really admire so I’m picking one out and I think that’ll help a lot with winter swatch sessions- Yay!!

  1. that’s a very good idea! people will find applying their makeup much easier

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