The Balm Shady Lady Vol.2 Palette-Favorite things Pt.1

I’ve decided to write some posts about my favorite, most-reached-for products. If I’ve already reviewed any of them I’ll just post a little update.

First up is my most favorite daytime palette of shadows, The Balm Shady Lady Palette Vol. 2.

I had never heard of this brand prior to purchasing this. I was in Sephora to buy the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Palette but they happened to sell out. I was wandering around and this caught my eye as it had some shades that were similar to the ones that I wanted most from the Too Faced Palette.

I got the palette home, had a play and I had a good impression of it but I just didn’t end up using it and it sat untouched for a few months. I’ve recently been holding back on buying new eyeshadow until I’ve really dug in to the ones I have already so it was this palettes turn to see the light of day once again. The first time I used it, I was in a huge rush and used the champagne shimmer shade (Mischievous Martha) all over the lid with the deep brown w/bronze sparkle shade in the crease and outer V. (Caught in the Act Courtney) Before I applied the shadows I made a thick line with a black kohl pencil on my upper lid and smoked it up.  That’s become my “in a HUGE rush” eye makeup lately!

I’ve found that all of the colors except the lightest highlight shades look amazing on their own or in combination with each other. The color selection of this palette is a little more toned-down than the shades that usually catch my eye but once I started playing with them I realized that they reminded me of Urban Decay shades minus the chunky glitter, such as the two shades I mentioned above. “Caught in the act Courtney” reminds me of Urban Decay’s Twice Baked (one of my fave UD shadows) except the glitter is smaller, more bronze than gold and “Mischievous Martha” is like Urban Decay’s Midnight Cowboy minus the chunky glitter. It’s possible that it’s close to Stila’s “Kitten” and other such shades but I don’t own those so I can’t say for sure. I didn’t think such an unassuming color could look so amazing when worn! Mischievous Martha practically glows on my lid. It looks so luminous and flattering. You could use this palette with the lighter shades on your lid and the deeper ones as liners or crease colors (some of the colors are marked as shadow/liner) or you could use the deeper colors on the lid or create smoky eyes with the lighter colors as highlights.(some are marked shadow/highlight) This is a versatile palette. There’s no applicators included which doesn’t bother me but if you don’t own a single brush that could be a problem. I use a thin angled soft brush to apply these and it works a treat.

Insane Jane, Just this once Jamie,Devilish Danielle,Feisty Felicia,Makeout Mary,Tempting Tara,Caught in the act Courtney,Bossy Bobby, Mischevious Martha

I really appreciate the texture of the shadows as well. They are silky, rather thin feeling (as opposed to Too Faced which can feel thick) easily blendable and layerable. The glitter shades don’t feel gritty and are not over- the- top glittery either. The glitter shades all seem to be the same formula and they are the tiniest bit powdery compared to the shimmer shades formula. The shimmery shades glide on like silk, whereas the glittery shades seem to have a matte base which means they require more work to blend but it’s honestly not that noticeable. The shades marked highlight are more sheer than those marked “shadow” and “liner” which only makes sense. In the swatch pics I had a hard time getting the highlight shades to show, not so much because of the sheer formula but because they are pale and so am I. Very, very pale.


Now I want to talk about something that I will be discussing in all my reviews from here on. I’ve been thinking a lot about how when I started this blog I intended it to focus on subcultural, or alternative beauty. I was thinking this would basically be a goth beauty blog but I’d explore offshoots of the genre.I would review things from the viewpoint of someone who dresses goth and makes themselves up accordingly. Have you noticed those girls who describe colors that are like one step up from neutral as “scary?” That doesn’t help me because my perception is so different. However, I find pigeonholing this blog a bad idea. Also, I know not everyone reading would fall into those categories.  Instead I will review whatever I want but I’m going to add this bit at the end explaining how this product would fit into an “alternative” type look, or what kinds of looks it’d be best for…? I’m still figuring out exactly what I’m putting here.  This is my first shot so please bear with me. ;)-  OK- so, there are dark colors in this palette but they certainly aren’t the darkest of the dark or the most dramatic  shades out there. Personally, I find this palette perfect for when I’m rushing or when I’m going to be out in the daytime and want something not too harsh. I used to not pay attention to ” day” and “night” makeup differences, I always wore jet-black eyebrows, purple lips, and dark eye makeup but I’m nearing 30 and I know that my old repertoire can look harsh in bright sunlight. Also, I’m pressed for time in the morning. I know some of you have to hold down a straight job as well and may need a softer look for that. The colors and the formula on these are extremely flattering. Basically, if you usually wear neutral shades and want to step it up a bit this would work well. If you normally go dark and dramatic but need to take it down a notch, this is for you.  If you like a retro, pin-up look or simply want to look “pretty” these work a treat. If you want dark and dramatic, you should probably look elsewhere. If you don’t own any makeup brushes or applicators, you should pick something up with this unless you prefer to use your fingers (which I don’t recommend.)

I’m going to work on the format of the black paragraph. Suggestions, anyone?

The Balm Shady Lady Vol. 2. $ 39.50

Top 3 first- Insane Jane, Just This Once Jamie, Devilish Danielle, Feisty Felicia,Makeout Mary.Tempting Tara, Caught in the Act Courtney, Bossy Bobby, Mischievous Martha

Same Shadows, slightly different angle to catch the left row better. All dry, no primer as always ;D

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