Buxom City Slickers Set


Thanks to Sephora Friends and Family I got to pick up this neat set! Though after getting to play with it I think it’s more than worth paying full price. The Buxom City Slickers set includes four of the Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Sticks and four Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polishes. Buxom Lip Sticks are supposed to work as lip liners and lipstick all while plumping your pout. The Buxom Lip Polishes are sheer color that can be used alone or layered and they also have some plumping action going on.

So far my experience with lip-plumpers only extends to the Lip Venom line from DuWop. (I love the Pure Venom Berry! ) That did not prepare me for what the Buxom products felt like, however. When I applied the Buxom lip sticks and polishes I got the tingly feeling but it lasted the entire time I had them on my lips. The sensation fades as the lipcolor fades but until then you will have an intense “cooling” sensation. If minty were a feeling rather than a flavor then minty is how these feel on my lips! It’s a bit intense but it’s not unpleasant. When I wore the Lip Stick in combination with the Lip Polish I noticed that my lips did look a bit fuller. I think that is probably partly the formula doing what it claims and the rest is the gloss just making your lips appear fuller.   As with any lip-plumping product, your mileage  may vary. I kind of like that you can feel the minty-ness the whole time they are on because I know when I need to reapply without looking in a mirror! 😉  These had decent wear-time on me but don’t expect them to last through meals or anything hardcore. With only drinking from a straw I got about four hours of them looking great before needing a little touching up. I wasn’t careful about blending when I used one of the lip sticks to line my lips and after eating a meal only the lip line remained, so be sure to blend and soften edges while lining.

Buxom Big and healthy Lip Sticks LtR Top to Bottom-Marrakech, Bombay, Fresno, Vienna













Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Sticks LtR Top row first- Michelle, Vienna, Marrakech, Fresno










Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish LtR Top Row then Bottom! Amber, Michelle, Brandi, Denise.











Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish LtR Top Row first- Amber, Michelle, Brandi, Denise.

The set is designed so that each Lip Stick is paired with a Lip Polish similar in color. In the Set the Lip Sticks and the Lip Polishes are paired up in this order- Bombay and Michelle, Vienna and Denise, Fresno and Brandi and Marrakech and Amber.   The colors really compliment each other (as do the formulas!) but it’s fun to mix and match with them too. The Buxom City Slickers set is $39 available at Sephora

  1. I got this during the Sephora F&F too! (I’ll get anything on sale versus full price, if I can.) I was swatching the colors on my arm, and noticed a mild burning-ish sensation…and then I remembered. Duh. (I was just so used to not feeling that when I swatched anything, that it threw me. It’s also been a -=long=- week.)

    Brandi and Fresno used together are just too deep for my skintone – but putting Denise over Fresno gives me color and gloss but not such dark color.

  2. Yeah, I’m definitely not a lip-plumping girl. I just don’t like that tingling sensation at all! But YAY for the FF sale! I totally missed it!

    BTW- as for your question on my blog – Revlon doesn’t carry that many matte quads – just the one I have had matte shades. If I were to go with an good drugstore matte palette – I’d go w/ WnW. I hear their matte shades are really easy to work with!

    • Yeah, that lip plumping sensation is something that takes getting used to. I wasn’t even sure if I liked it at first. Sorry you missed the F&F sale though!

      Thanks for the info. I have one of the Wet N Wild Color Icon Palettes- The purple one (I forget the name) and it’s impressive for the price. I definitely want more of them!

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