Do You Believe In Magic?

L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base, that is.

Thank you to LeGothique for the review or I may never have picked it up!

As far as I’m concerned, I have the perfect primer for use underneath liquid makeup and to prolong the wear of my foundation. That primer is Make Up For Ever HD color correcting primer in Neutral. Until recently I was using it underneath my mineral foundations as well and while it’s  fine for that, I was suffering from large-pore woe and it wasn’t quite covering me in that department.

I tried samples of Urban Decay’s Pore perfecting primer and Too Faced Primed and Poreless. I also have a sample of Benefit’s the Porefessional which I didn’t even bother using because it felt just like the other two. I also played around with Dr. Brandt’s Pores No more. The thing is, all these Pore Targeting Primers feel the same- they are slippery, and once you work them a bit they become quite thin in texture and borderline greasy-feeling.  Having something greasy and slippery underneath my makeup with my skin already being oily was like the opposite of what I want a primer to do.  I felt my makeup sliding off my face and that’s never happened to me before.

Considering I had tried these brands that would be considered high-end compared to L’oreal and that they were all specialized products for large pores, I didn’t hold much hope for something from the drugstore. It didn’t even have the word “pore” in it’s name-  I mean, really, what good could it possibly do?  😉

Immediately when I felt it between my fingers I noticed that the texture was much thicker and less slippery. The others I tried were beige-tinted which I thought would be good because it would be extra coverage but in reality it made my skin look dull. The light pink hue of the Studio Secrets base doesn’t exactly show up on skin but it does seem to brighten my complexion. It’s not a miracle- it doesn’t erase my pores but then again my pores are really large. I’ve never seem anyone besides my mother with pores as large as mine. It does make them much less noticeable though. It does work better than the higher-end pore targeting primers.

I’ve only tried it with my mineral foundations so far. This is because I notice my pores are more noticeable when I’m wearing mineral makeup as opposed to my liquid foundation. I use MUFE with my liquids and now I have the Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base for my mineral foundations. I think this would look fabulous under liquids as well though so when I try this out I will update!  The mineral makeup glided over the base evenly and it looked so nice, smooth and almost airbrushed compared to how it looks on bare skin. I like how it looks on bare skin anyway so this is pretty impressive. I ended up using less of my foundation too. I understand what people talk about now when they say something gave their skin a “soft focus effect.”  That’s exactly what this does. If my skin was less red, I can imagine using a foundation with less coverage because of how wonderful the base makes my skin look.

All in all, this was a win. Walgreen’s currently has $2 off in their little booklet that they have at the door. Also, they currently have a Buy one get one 1/2 off on all L’oreal products.

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