Because Every Day Is Halloween…

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up, I love that everyone else does it too and it’s an excuse to go really crazy with your makeup!  When I was a teenager ( I was 16 ten years ago if you’re curious)  we didn’t have such easy access to makeup that was edgy or suitable for getting creative. Every Halloween there would be displays of black lipstick and nail polish, along with fun false lashes and other “crazy” stuff. My friends and I always stocked up even though the makeup was kind of cruddy quality. I remember discovering Urban Decay and their out-there lipsticks and eyeshadow colors. It was a little pricey for my teenage self but I bought their Oil Slick eyeshadow and wore it faithfully. It was so unique at the time but it’s funny because it seems like every makeup line has at least one black  with silver glitter eyeshadow now. You can get glittery eyeshadow at the drugstore and black or near-black lipstick is sold by even high-end brands. Between Sephora, MAC and all the great indie brands you can get any color your creative little heart desires- it’s glorious!

Even with all that considered, Halloween is still a great time to pick up some fun makeup. You can still score cheap and fun false lashes at the drugstore (which I do!) and now Make Up For Ever and Sephora are offering makeup sets to compliment your costume but if you’re daring you could wear them anytime. This one little set caught my eye and I thought I’d share-

It comes with the  Long Lasting Liquid Liner in Black, Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Black, Silver Glitter Spray, Colorful Eyeshadow Duo 06 and False Lashes. $26.

My advice for Halloween is- Go crazy. Go darker, bigger, brighter, be completely and utterly outrageous because it’s one day that you can look however you want without the risk of people yelling ” There’s X days till Halloween, Ya freak!” As you stroll down the street. I’m not saying that used to happen to me back where I’m from or anything…..all the time… those assholes!   :0  Haha, ahh well  It all worked out because now I live in a place where I’m far from the most daringly dressed person anymore.

Have fun with it and if you have a minute, pretty please tell me what you are dressing up as or what you plan to do with your hair or makeup! If you really love me send me a picture or send me links to your Halloween pics afterwords!  Yay!

  1. My daughter (6 years old) is going to be Cinderella and I will be her Fairy Godmother. She wants me to do it as close to the traditional one from the Disney movies and I’m going to oblige her. Halloween is supposed to be fun for everyone! I’m not sure how I’m going to do my hair. If it were still long, I’d do a pretty up-do, but it’s short now, and can barely be pulled into a half-ponytail! Guess i get to find some pretty hair combs and clippies or make my own! For make up I guess I’ll don the sparkliest stuff I own, the FGM’s don’t look like they wear much make up though. This is the first year we’ve departed from the witch and cat theme (she and I take turns) and I’m feeling a bit lost!

  2. That’s so sweet! I haven’t seen that movie in so long that I had to google the Fairy Godmother for a reminder of what she looked like. It looks like she has that purple robe on with the hood up mostly hiding her hair so if you found something similar that would help OR You could get a cheap gray wig someplace that sells costume stuff so you wouldn’t have to deal with your own. Do you Trick Or Treat with your daughter?

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