Sheer, Shimmering Inexpensive Twist on Fall’s Devilish Red Lip!

As I have mentioned already, red is everywhere for fall. Red is a classic, something that is always pretty and popular no matter what other colors are gracing runways and magazines. Red can look goth, business-like, or Courtney Love. A bold, matte red is a statement. If you want to rock red but not go all out there are sheer lipsticks, glosses and balms out there that enable you to try out the color with very little effort. I happened across a really pretty red gloss that is an inexpensive and effortless take on red. I have found that with matte red lipstick you often need to do a little work to get it looking nice. I personally usually have to exfoliate my lips, then apply balm and let it really soak in. Then I blot it, apply a nude liner to prevent bleeding and feathering and then either apply the lipstick with a brush, or I use the tube and then a lip brush to even out the edges and get it looking proper. That’s a bit of work! This gloss makes it easy- you can just swipe it on with the applicator and it looks good. I put on a few layers of it and it didn’t start to migrate or look messy. Some glosses don’t do well when piled on but this one couldn’t have behaved better!

NYC Liquid Lip Shine, 2.99 at CVS!

The shade is “Sheer Ruby.”  It’s a pink-y red and as reds go, it is on the sheer end of the spectrum.It’s got about a medium level opacity and shine factor as glosses tend to go.  I fell in love when I picked it up and got a close look at it because the color is so pretty plus it has some  beautiful shimmer. I was curious how the shimmer would show up on my lips and I was impressed by the effect it gives. It’s not chunky glitter and it doesn’t leave sparkles on your lips when the color fades like some tend to do. I’ve never tried this kind of NYC gloss before but I have tried the extreme lip glider glosses. I like this formula much better- it lasts longer and has more color. It’s fairly thick and sticky so the lasting power is decent. It won’t last through a meal but if you’re just wearing it without eating/drinking etc. it’ll stay looking good for a few hours which is great for the price!

I took the wrist swatch outdoors in sunlight. It was not as bright as a sunny day but bright enough to get the color accurately. You can see the pink-ness of it here best. Isn’t it gorgeous?

This was taken inside near a lamp in the clearest light in our apartment. You can see the shimmer and how it looks a little less pink in natural light.

This is outside again!

So overall this is a fantastic value. Because of the price it’s the perfect choice for experimenting with the color! If you want to go for extremely bold red lips you could layer this over a matte red lipstick.

This definitely has the B.F.A.P seal of approval!

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