Fall’s Most Goth-Friendly Beauty Trends

I don’t think I looked forward to fall quite as much before I moved to Louisiana. Instead of it meaning that snow will be falling eventually, it now means that I when I put effort into my appearance that it isn’t all for naught. No matter the amount of priming and prepping I undertake, August in New Orleans will make me sweat it all off! It gets to the point where it’s just NOT worth fussing with. So, I’ve been spending more time than is probably healthy daydreaming of what makeup looks I will play with once the weather makes it possible. Luckily, fall trends are  kind to us black-clad citizens, much kinder than summer. I personally start to lose hope after wading through a whole season’s worth of bronzers and pastels and just when I’m ready to give up, here come vampy lip colors and dark nail varnishes and I feel like it’s a breath of fresh, stylish air has come to me! Luckily, there’s lots of things to get excited about in the beauty-sphere this season.

Not that the red lip has ever gone out of style but this fall it’s truly everywhere. There are some really amazing new spins on it though!  Check out Kat Von D’s Painted love lipstick inAdora a sexy metallic shade of red.  If you’ve never rocked red or you tried it out but think it looked weird, try these tips; If you are super pale, or blond, or you know that your complexion is cool-toned, try a blue-based red. If you know you look washed-out easily, try a warmer red and avoid brown undertone.  If you have deep brown hair, try more of a tangerine hue. If you’re a redhead or think it’s all too much for you, try a red gloss. If you’re still feeling shy, try a sheer tinted balm such as HIP’s jelly balm.

Purple!  The latest Sephora catalog came with a gorgeous cover-model wearing loads of it. Purple shadow, liner, mascara, blush and the most striking deep purple metallic lipcolor.  Not many people can pull of such an abundance of  the same color though, even when it’s as divine as purple is! I suggest trying a purple lipstick, especially if you’re brunette. If you have small lips or dark colors don’t look good on them try a metallic or dark purple liner on your upper lids. Dark Purple toned blushes look best on darker skin unless they are light and shimmery, then it’s flattering across the board. Try a smoky eye in shades of purple for something that’s simply pretty. One of the most striking purple eye looks I’ve seen was in a mainstream fashion mag. The model had on a grayish-lavender shimmery shadow with a little dark purple in the creases and gray liner. She had blue eyes and pale skin and it all just looked so ethereal.

Rocker-chic  inspired makeup palettes, nail polishes, etc. are popping up all over the place. This can only be good for those of us who tend towards rocking out 365/yr, right?  Urban Decay is coming out with the “Black Palette” , six blackened shades for your glam-ness. Sinful Colors nail polish (available at Walgreens) has come out with a collection of black-based shades that make your usual black polish look positively boring. Sephora also has a rocker themed collection of nail polishes currently.

I’ve noticed all kinds of  interesting  eye liners popping up as well. Mac’s new Superslick liquid liners look amazing! I have yet to get my paws on any but swatches abound on the nettubes. Make Up For Ever released a new set of their aqua eyes liners in metallic shades. Urban Decay’s cult 24/7 liner pencils are now available in a set that retails for $39 and includes a full-size Zero (black) liner that costs almost half that price on it’s own. One trick i like to use with the 24/7 liners is when I’m real short on time I will use a little black on my upper lash line and then smudge one of these in a fun color on my lower lash line-fast and foolproof way to get a pop of color!

The most important reason yet to wish for fall, beyond mere colors of makeup or the insanely high temperature in NOLA, I know is…..boots. Heeled, high, sexy, BOOTS! What I am lusting after in particular is a non-hooker-ish, supple over the knee-version. I can’t find the image I have in my mind that I saw some-freakin-place but it’s of a pair with a low heel that are slouchy and flair up, ending just above the knee. I will find them.  😉

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