Eek- Long time no Post

I have been absent recently. There’s just been one thing after another popping up, unfortunately. I have recently been trying and playing around with a decent amount of new makeup that I’d like to share about but it’s all too soon for me to have solid opinions on any of it as it was all recently purchased. One of the great things about mineral makeup is the ability to try lots of things for little money thanks to inexpensive samples!

I will be back with something in a couple days, probably not a review but one of the articles I’m working on. Thanks for hanging in there- checking in and whatnot!  I actually have a little bit of never used samples  that were obvious they wouldn’t suit me without me having to swatch them or duplicates of things I own that I was thinking of putting together for a little give-away. I currently have one subscriber, I was thinking that when I get to 5 or 10 depending on how long that takes (obviously if it took a year to get 9 more people I wouldn’t wait that long but if it only took a week to get five that’d be too soon)  I’d like to send the things to a randomly chosen subscriber. So, if you read and you’re interested in having a 1 in 5 (or 1 in 10) chance of winning some new stuff to play with, please subscribe. When I have a more solid idea I’ll write a post about it. Among the stuff are a mini shadow from Fyrinnae, a sample-size Pixie Epoxy from Fyrinnae,  and a couple other mineral sample baggies and a unopened L’oreal lippie or two.

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