Longing for Fall

I have never been one to change up my style to follow trends. My style has been a set thing for the most part and I usually only get excited about trends when they consist of something that fits into my usual getup. I feel like each season is pretty predictable anyhow-  like florals for spring- how original. The one season that always makes me happy is Fall/Winter because it’s usually dark, rich colors and lots of goth-y beauty. This fall is no exception and there are certain things that have me practically crossing days of summer of my calendar in anticipation!

Texture! Texture was all over the fall runways, even showing in the model’s makeup and hair. I’m not so sure about textured black eye makeup but thick knitted knee-high socks? Yes, Please!!  There was textures mixed with other textures, it was just all over and I love it.

Lots of Black- Need I say more?

Lace- Lacey tights, lace overthings, underthings, lots of pretty lace! There’s none  in this picture but I’ve noticed a lot of it in stores and I need some lace in my life!

One last thing I’m lusting after are statement necklaces and  bib necklaces. I want to try to make one because the ones I’ve seen that I like are way too pricey :/

My perfect fall outfit would be- a tank top with a cardigan over it, with a belt & Mini-skirt over lace tights with big chunky knee socks, and platform wedges. Tease hair at the crown and divide into loose pigtails. A brown smokey eye and red lips. Voila!  Perfect Fall fashion.

Do you look forward to wearing more clothes or do you enjoy the simplicity of summer beauty?

    • Kate
    • August 13th, 2010

    Oh man, I am such a fall fashion person too. Being a Northern gal I’m beside myself during the summer weather – layering is what we do best!

    JCrew and Alexander McQueen have some awesome Fall 2010 lookbooks full of textural pieces, like you were talking about (the latter esp). It’s so much fun to mix old, Victorianesque pieces with modern accents. Endless possibilities!

    I too have flirted with the possibility of making a bib necklace. Can’t be *that* hard, right?

    • Yeah, I was really surprised/impressed by J.Crew too. I’ve never really cared for their style but I liked what I saw from them!
      As far as the bib necklace goes, I was thinking basically make the shape out of felt and hang it with ribbon, and attach whatever to the felt- like beading. Or maybe sew pieces of fabric onto the felt and then top it with beads? That seems too simple but I’m seriously considering trying! Let me know what happens if you end up making one!

    • Kate
    • August 15th, 2010

    My plan was to try the former. Will report back if I ever get around to doing it!

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