My Small-but-Expanding Blush Collection and Why Blush Rocks!

I have only recently started regularly wearing blush. I naturally have a pink tint to my skin and my cheeks are very red without any help. Putting blush on should theoretically help draw away the attention but instead all I saw was more redness and it seemed crazy to me to play that up. Once I found a skin regimen that worked for me and makeup that I could wear enough of to conceal the redness without looking piled on I started to take an interest in all things pink, shimmery and living in pans. Blush rocks because it pulls your look together. It can give you a healthy flush or when worn in shades of dark purple, give you an undead sort of appeal. It can sculpt a face and create cheekbones where none seem to exist. Plus- it’s fun!

LTR-Top row-Signature Club A Ultra Creamy Color in #2MED.,Fyrinnae Glow Blush in Spellbound,Clinique Iced Lotus,Too Faced unlabeled color from Glamour to Go palette #3, Wet N Wild Silk Finish Blush (name worn off)

Bottom row is the two colors from Sebastian Trucco Cream Blush Duo in Desert Rose. Ignore the little red circle, it’s a burn- I’m such a klutz!

These are my Favorites so far, I love Fyrinnae and Clinique’s the best of all. The highlighter from the Sebastian Trucco duo is nice too but I haven’t got the hang of applying the darker blush color lightly yet.

Since it appears Pink is my comfort zone here I ordered some non-pink samples from Meow and am so psyched that they are on their way. I will definitely be swatching and posting those after I get them. Yay!

Here’s a close-up of the first three where my extra-favorites are.

LTR- Signature Club A #2Med, Fryinnae Glow Blush in Spellbound <3, & Clinique Iced Lotus ❤

I think getting out of your comfort zone is important. I got out of mine by simply wearing blush and now I’m getting out of it again by trying it in shades other than pink. Try wearing something that you like but aren’t sure you can pull off. I think because we stare at our own faces so much that anything very different is automatically registered as bad or too extreme and others probably don’t see that at all. Try something on and don’t wipe it off immediately if you think it’s too bright- see if you don’t end up loving it.

    • thecandiedmango
    • June 19th, 2010

    Peach blushes are totes wearable! I have one from Physician’s Formula, and it’s my current favorite—just makes my skin look healthy and glowy, and it’s hard to overdo it because it’s close to my skintone.

  1. Yes! Peach is a good bet for looking natural and Glow-y.

  2. Thank you so much for doing a blog focused on ‘dark’ beauty! My skin tone looks to be a little warmer than yours so I may give some peachy blushes a try too.

    I’ve never tired the Goth Juice before, but might get the chance to pick up a jar soon. I have smelled it in the shops a couple times before, super yum! Other Lush products have won my heart (Veganese, Reincarnate, Fresh Pharmacy, anything scented with Potion!) so I have hopes for the juice too!

    Something I’ve noticed, probably because photography is a serious hobby of mine, is that your images seem a little blurry. I’d check your camera’s user manual to see if you have a macro mode and how to use it. Also, some of the lighting was quite yellowish. If you can take your pictures in natural sunlight that would probably give the truest to life colors.

    • I’m glad you like the idea and I’m glad that you found me!
      Lush does a great job with their products. I really like that everything is all-natural and they have lots of vegan options. Everything smells so freakin’ amazing too!!! Yum is right!
      Also, Thanks for the advice on the photos. My camera is really basic and kind of sucks for close-ups. I hate posting pics in weird lighting but so far it seems like those are the ones that show the makeup most accurately. It sounds weird but when I take a picture under clearer lighting the colors of the swatches often seem off in the picture to me. Thanks a lot for the tip on adjusting the macro settings, I will def. try that! You’re right about the natural sunlight too. I don’t often have time to do this during the day but I should try to make time more because they will be better quality. I really appreciate the feedback! Thanks.

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