Big-time hair change and a kick-ass hair fix!

I got my hair cut on Tuesday and it was supposed to just be a “trim.”  I made the appointment a week in advance which I never do and I realized why as the days ticked by. During that week I went from wanting a trim to wanting to switch up my style to wanting to chop it all off to…well you get the picture, right? I looked at pictures online of hairstyles, I purchased hair magazines and marked pictures that I liked and I debated the merits of one cut versus another endlessly to my fiancee who politely listened and even weighed in from time to time. I finally made a choice on a style unlike any I’ve ever had, a fun layered punky cut that was way out out of my comfort zone. Not because of it looking punky, but because it’s  dramatically layered and I said goodbye to my security-blanket of long pieces around my face. I was trying to grow my hair out before this but the weight of  all of it being one length and very thick on my neck and reaching the clasp on my bra was becoming less than enjoyable.

Long-story-short I am now on the hunt for products that work with my new hair. Nearly anything I used to use for my long, curly/wavy hair has to be put away for awhile.  I used to OD on conditioners, leave in conditioners, conditioning spray- seriously, three different products and my hair was still frizzy and flyaway-prone so I needed curl cream and shine spray too. If I use even two of those products on my newly short and layered locks they will look limp and sad. I have to go in the completely opposite direction to get it to look how I want, stocking up on body-enhancing shampoo and conditioner and volumizers. I did make one really neat discovery on my hunt though-

Garnier Fructis Fiber Gum Putty. If you like to tease your hair and poof it up or make it stick out  (or according to package Fauxhauk it)- this is for you.  I recommend trying it on dry hair for maximum texture although it will make things a little crisp.

Next up I’m going to play with Lush’s Goth Juice. I love the name!

Anyone else have suggestions for products  or techniques to make your hair as big (but not curly) as possible?

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