Boring Bronzing

Summer is here once again! And as usual a plethora of bronzing beauty products are filling up the shelves. Every summer self-tanners and bronzing powders abound and they are touted as as easy way to look kissed by the sun.  That is all well and good if you like that sort of thing. I know that on people with normal-to-dark skin tones that bronzers can look pretty amazing. Like blush, they are an easy way to add some healthy color and in the summer.

But what if, like me, you are not in the normal-to-dark range of skin tones? What is you are sickly, super pale? It’s tough to find a bronzer that doesn’t look ridiculous swept over my cheeks, I can tell you what! And furthermore I don’t really want to look tan. I feel like a freak admitting it especially during this time of year but I really don’t want any self-tanner, thank you. I rather like my extremely pale skin. People with darker skin tones are always being told to be happy with how they look. So, Why do I get looked at like I have seven heads when I say “No, thank you” to the woman at the cosmetic counter that is shoving the newest shades in shimmery brown compacts under my nose? It’s good to love yourself and how you look if you’re normal but not if you look like me? Maybe I’m taking this all too personally but I’m sick of the beauty industry and all the makeup mavens becoming totally obsessed with these products this time of year, ever year.

I am going to continue practically bathing in my sun block. Unfortunately I’ll probably end up avoiding cosmetic counters for about a month as well.

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